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Disclosure logs for FOI determinations relating to documents held by Department for Energy and Mining (DEM).

For further information or enquiries regarding information in this disclosure log please contact the DEM FOI Officer on (08) 8463 3000 or by email

Date of determination Agency reference Application summary Copy of or link to document (or advice about how to access document)
18 April 2019F2019/000881All documentation held by the department regarding the operations of PM237, including but without limitation:
a. Royalties paid by Southern Quarries as operator of PM237 for 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2018;
b. All mining production returns for 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2018;
c. The current and earlier versions of the Mine Operations Plan in relation to PM237;
d. Any documentation held by the department in relation to the quantity of material extracted from PM237;
e. Copies of any reports required to be submitted for the period 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2018; and
f. Copies of any rectification or compliance orders or directions issued.
F2019/000881 (PDF 3.0 MB)
18 April 2019F2019/001217All information lodged by the manufacturer and all documents relevant to the issuing of certificate of approval for the Bosch S9 branded series of dishwashers including assessments regarding Australian Standards and also all documents relevant to the recall of these dishwashers, specifically but not included to type S9 SGS4353AU as outlined in the product recall notice.F2019/001217 (PDF 4.2 MB)
10 April 2019F2019/001192Copies of documentation with regard to any licenses issued to the worker allowing any access or permission to conduct mining activity of any kind in or around the township of Mintabie.F2019/001192 (PDF 2.6 MB)
4 April 2019MER2018/1379Documents regarding Display Tender LCE040937: Standards of service and/or performance indicators that bids were judged on; and the accountability of the agency regarding conduct of the tender process and decisions made in relation to awarding the tender.MER2018/1379 (PDF 5.6 MB)
21 March 2019MER2018/1674Copies of all documents relating to the procurement of RateSetter and/or decision to award the contract to RateSetter.MER2018/1674 (PDF 25.5)
8 March 2019MER2019/0517Any complaints and/or correspondence received by the department relating to Mining Tenement Exploration Lease EL5832.MER2019/0517 (PDF 32.6 MB)
26 February 2019MER2019/0026a. All minutes of meetings relating to the suspension of the production period for the Leigh Creek Energy in-situ gasification (ISG) demonstration plant, approved on 7 November 2018 (7 November 2018 Suspension).
b. All correspondence by or sent by the department in relation to the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
c. All briefs or reports by or prepared by the department in relation to the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
d. Any documentation received by or prepared by the department in relation to the Management of Change processes for the re-ignition works associated with the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
MER2019/0026 (PDF 13.8 MB)
21 February 2019MER2019/0465Copies of photographs, showing possible trespass, and paperwork sent in of trench for irrigation/water pipe.MER2019/0465 (PDF 3.25 MB)
21 February 2019MER2019/0567Copy of investigation report of domestic gas explosion on 25 November 2018 investigated by the department.MER2019/0567 (PDF 3.0 MB)
24 January 2019MER2019/0110Copies of gas and electrical certificates of compliance.MER2019/0110 (PDF 15.0 MB)
22 January 2019MER2018/1769Since 17 March 2018, copies of any and all physical, electronic and written briefs, minutes and draft versions of the Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan.MER2018/1769 (PDF 33.8 MB)
16 January 2019MER2018/1716All documents detailing the cost of indoor plants in the department for the period 18 March 2017 to 17 March 2018 and 18 March 2018 to date.MER2018/1716 (PDF 2.3 MB)
29 October 2018MER2018/1284Relevant portion of minutes of the Renewables SA Board meeting in which submission was reviewed.  Date range: 10/5/2010 to 10/6/2010.MER2018/1284 (PDF 12.3 MB)
22 October 2018MER2018/1394All documents relating to activities on EML6090, specifically the PEPR or declaration of environmental factors covering all mine activities.MER2018/1394 (PDF 18.0 MB)