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Disclosure logs for FOI determinations relating to documents held by Department for Energy and Mining (DEM).

For further information or enquiries regarding information in this disclosure log please contact the DEM FOI Officer on (08) 8463 3000 or by email

Date of determination Agency reference Application summary Copy of or link to document (or advice about how to access document)
31 March 2020 F2020/000457 Specifications and details and the weight of the refractory block that hit me in the back in December 2017. It was the full hanging roof block in the electric furnace at Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs, BHP. I was working for Veolia Refractories. F2020/000457
(PDF 645 KB)
19 March 2020 F2020/000126 Attachment to Freedom of Information Application Form – Pipeline explosion Monday, 1st July 2019. Details of documents requested – Concerning a widely reported incident at the Santos gas pipeline located on the Strzelecki Track at the Cooper Basin, between Innamincka and Merty Merty on Monday 1st July 2019. The incident was variously described in public sources as a “small gas release”, “explosion” and “minor leak”. An investigation was reported to be underway by the Department for Energy and Mining. North West Protection Advocacy requests access to the following documents:
  • The Investigation Report of the Department for Energy and Mining concerning the incident, or in the alternative, if the Report is not completed yet, then the Draft Report;
  • Correspondence between SA Police and the Department for Energy and Mining, including email, incident reports and record of phone calls from 1st July 2019 to date;
  • Correspondence between Santos and Department for Energy and Mining concerning the incident including email, incident reports and record of phone calls, from 1st July 2019 to date.
These documents are available on request:
4 March 2020 F2020/000383 Copies of electrical certificates of compliance for property. F2020/000383
(PDF 73 KB)

25 February 2020


Certificate of compliance for gas installation, in particular the replacement of the gas main servicing the property; Certificate of compliance for electrical installation at a private address.

(PDF 1 MB)

12 February 2020


Electric shock and/or incident report for the Office of the Technical Regulator – 19/10/2019 to 31/01/2020.

(PDF 2 MB)

12 February 2020


Seeking to obtain copies of all certificates of compliance in relation to: Electrical Plumbing Gas for a private address.

(PDF 2.9 MB)

12 February 2020


Seeking the following from the Office of the Technical Regulator:

  • A copy of all electrical and plumbing compliance Certificates for   private address between 1 January 2012 and 18 January 2020;
  • A copy of all drainage plans/diagrams, plumbing plans/diagrams and electrical plans/diagrams.

(PDF 6.9 MB)

29 January 2020


All documents, notes, briefings, memos, correspondence, reports, emails, SMS's, directions, instructions, including drafts, relating to Tom Koutsantonis MP, Member for West Torrens not including correspondence already sent or received by Mr Koutsantonis from the agency – 1/7/2018 to 15/11/2019.

(PDF 1.2 MB)

17 December 2019


Cost of indoor plants in the Department - 1/1/19 to 21/11/19.

(PDF 1.55 MB)

20 November 2019


Copy of lodged eCOCs for two properties.

(PDF 2.5 MB)

18 November 2019


Copy of eCOC for an electrical installation on a Nectre Gas Fireplace in September 2018.

(PDF 2.4 MB)

8 November 2019


1. Copies of all government reports concerning the risk assessment of Mine Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF) at Olympic Dam from 2017 to 2019.
2. Copies of all Annual Olympic Dam Tailing Reports 2017 to 2019.
Due to size limitations these documents are available on request: 

21 August 2019


Electrical safety certificates of compliance – 22 July 2000 to 22 July 2019.

(PDF 2.5 MB)

15 August 2019


All letter/email correspondence sent to property owner by OTR.

All letter/email correspondence sent to OTR by property owner.

(PDF 2.3 MB)

14 August 2019


Electrical Certificate of Compliance submitted of 2 August 2019. There are 2 files attached with this ecoc (1 is a pdf and the other is a word document I was told) that I need emailed to me from your department. There is a link in the ecoc to these 2 files, but these files are not given to the customer when the ecoc is created. Preferably want a certified version of the files to say this is what is in the eCOC system.

(PDF 2.6 MB)

13 August 2019


Copy of an Electric Shock/Incident Report.

(PDF 1.7 MB)

13 August 2019


Copies of any reports into bird deaths at BHP’s evaporation ponds at Olympic Dam. Copies of any photos and/or videos of dead birds at BHP’s evaporation ponds at Olympic Dam.

(PDF 1.9 MB)

12 August 2019


The calendar and/or diary of the Chief Executive of the Department for Mining and Energy including the names of any Government attendees at meetings – 1 March 2018 to 13 June 2019.

(PDF 2.4 MB)

27 July 2019


A copy of all documents including briefings and/or advice, minutes, notes, emails, SMS’s and correspondence regarding the outage or availability of the Loy Yang Power Station and its impacts on the South Australian Energy Market and the reliability of the South Australian Energy Grid and/or Energy Network prepared for or received from the Australian Energy Regulator (A.E.R.), Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) and the Energy Security Board or any other regulatory body or Government consultant received or created by Mr Paul Heithersay, Mr Vince Duffy and Ms Rebecca Knights of the Department of Energy and Mining from the 19th of March 2018 to the 12 of June 2019.

(PDF 0.6 MB)

24 July 2019


We act in relation to a claim made for damages for personal injuries arising from an incident that occurred on 4 January 2016. We are instructed that investigations of the incident were undertaken by the Office of the Technical Regulator and request a copy of the entire file of the incident on 4 January 2016.

(PDF 5.9 MB)

24 June 2019


FOI request re EL 5984 (formerly (EL4961, 3733) information re exploration activities at the Wombat and Alford West prospects (Bruce). Request under the provisions of Section 77D of the Mining Act 1971 and Regulation 88 of the Mining Regulations 2011, PACE and licence conditions schedule C intersection of groundwater I would like to request a copy of mineral exploration information for drilling programs undertake at the Wombat and Alford West prospects (Bruce), drill holes with prefix WO and AW and ALW, the AW and ALW series completed as a PACE drilling program. Documents requested in particular are

  1. Exploration Work approvals   (EWA) or PEPR (post 2012)
  2. Drill program proposals   submitted by the tenement holder or operator
  3. Drill completion and   remediation reports
  4. Declaration of equipment for   the drill program I would like to request a copy of groundwater information
    1. Location
    2. depth water first cut,
    3. depth of any samples taken,
    4. standing water level and
    5. an estimate of the flow rate   (L/s) should be recorded on the
    6. drill logs
    7. full water analysis results   not limited to salinity but inclusive of trace elements
    8. identification of aquifers   involved, confined, unconfined
    9. DEM, DEW drill inspectors report SA Exploration and Mining conference paper 2018 Andromeda Metals in-situ copper recovery investigation, Moonta –   Wallaroo District page 20, significant groundwater intersection Bruce. I   assume that this information will fall in the public domain as this is a   community asset.

(PDF 87.8 MB)

19 June 2019


All documents requested below are in reference to ML5524, EML5525 (Poona Mine NNE of Moonta) and ML5696 (Wheal Hughes Mine NNE of Moonta).

  1. "Rehabilitation   Liabilities Program for Poona Mine Site" referred to in Mr Stocks (Triad   Transport) draft PEPR (which was publicly released through an attachment to   Development Application (DA 340/451/18 submitted to Copper Coast Council).
  2. Cooke, JA 1990 Wheal Hughes: ore reserve calculation Moonta Mine Joint   Venture unpublished report (see env8029)
  3. James, BA 1989 Wheal Hughes prospect exploration drilling report   Moonta Mine Joint Venture unpublished report (see env8029)
  4. James, BA 1990 Wheal Hughes prospect exploration drilling report Moonta   Mine Joint Venture unpublished report (see env8029)
  5. Carthew, S 1993 The geological setting of the Cu and Au mineralisation   at Wheal Hughes (Moonta) ML5696 Moonta Mine Joint Venture unpublished report   (referenced in RB20020007)
  6. Mining proposal and mine operation plans for ML 5524, EML5525 and ML   5696
  7. Declaration of environmental factors or similar for ML 5524, EML 5525   and ML5696
  8. Mine closure and remediation plans for ML 5524, EML 5525 and ML5696
  9. Declared equipment applications for ML 5524, EML 5525 and ML5696
  10. Progress and final reports for the periods 1987 to 1993 for ML 5524,   EML 5525 and ML5696
  11. Ore beneficiation plans ML 5524, EML 5525 and ML5696
  12. Details of the transfer of   liability regarding mine closure, rehabilitation, mine site maintenance from   Moonta Mining NL to Mr Kevin Stock re EML 5525, Moonta Mining NL to Copper   Coast Council ML5696

(PDF 13.2 MB)

6 June 2019


A copy of all Electrical Certificates of Compliance for address between 01/07/18 and 24/05/19

(PDF 1.5 MB)

6 June 2019


Access to any independent modelling of job creation figures undertaken by the South Australian Government in regards to offshore oil and gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight.  Copies of correspondence between South Australian Government and APPEA in regards to the two documents titled “The Facts about offshore oil and gas exploration in South Australia” and the ACIL Allen Consulting report “Petroleum Development in the Great Australian Bight”, August 2018. Copies of correspondence between the South Australian Government and ACIL Allen Consulting in regard to their report titled “Petroleum Development in the Great Australian Bight”, August 2018.

(PDF 1.3 MB)

18 April 2019 F2019/000881 All documentation held by the department regarding the operations of PM237, including but without limitation:
a. Royalties paid by Southern Quarries as operator of PM237 for 1/1/2017 to 31/12/2018;
b. All mining production returns for 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2018;
c. The current and earlier versions of the Mine Operations Plan in relation to PM237;
d. Any documentation held by the department in relation to the quantity of material extracted from PM237;
e. Copies of any reports required to be submitted for the period 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2018; and
f. Copies of any rectification or compliance orders or directions issued.
F2019/000881 (PDF 3.0 MB)
18 April 2019 F2019/001217 All information lodged by the manufacturer and all documents relevant to the issuing of certificate of approval for the Bosch S9 branded series of dishwashers including assessments regarding Australian Standards and also all documents relevant to the recall of these dishwashers, specifically but not included to type S9 SGS4353AU as outlined in the product recall notice. F2019/001217 (PDF 4.2 MB)
10 April 2019 F2019/001192 Copies of documentation with regard to any licenses issued to the worker allowing any access or permission to conduct mining activity of any kind in or around the township of Mintabie. F2019/001192 (PDF 2.6 MB)
4 April 2019 MER2018/1379 Documents regarding Display Tender LCE040937: Standards of service and/or performance indicators that bids were judged on; and the accountability of the agency regarding conduct of the tender process and decisions made in relation to awarding the tender. MER2018/1379 (PDF 5.6 MB)
21 March 2019 MER2018/1674 Copies of all documents relating to the procurement of RateSetter and/or decision to award the contract to RateSetter. MER2018/1674 (PDF 25.5)
8 March 2019 MER2019/0517 Any complaints and/or correspondence received by the department relating to Mining Tenement Exploration Lease EL5832. MER2019/0517 (PDF 32.6 MB)
26 February 2019 MER2019/0026 a. All minutes of meetings relating to the suspension of the production period for the Leigh Creek Energy in-situ gasification (ISG) demonstration plant, approved on 7 November 2018 (7 November 2018 Suspension).
b. All correspondence by or sent by the department in relation to the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
c. All briefs or reports by or prepared by the department in relation to the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
d. Any documentation received by or prepared by the department in relation to the Management of Change processes for the re-ignition works associated with the 7 November 2018 Suspension.
MER2019/0026 (PDF 13.8 MB)
21 February 2019 MER2019/0465 Copies of photographs, showing possible trespass, and paperwork sent in of trench for irrigation/water pipe. MER2019/0465 (PDF 3.25 MB)
21 February 2019 MER2019/0567 Copy of investigation report of domestic gas explosion on 25 November 2018 investigated by the department. MER2019/0567 (PDF 3.0 MB)
24 January 2019 MER2019/0110 Copies of gas and electrical certificates of compliance. MER2019/0110 (PDF 15.0 MB)
22 January 2019 MER2018/1769 Since 17 March 2018, copies of any and all physical, electronic and written briefs, minutes and draft versions of the Aboriginal Affairs Action Plan. MER2018/1769 (PDF 33.8 MB)
16 January 2019 MER2018/1716 All documents detailing the cost of indoor plants in the department for the period 18 March 2017 to 17 March 2018 and 18 March 2018 to date. MER2018/1716 (PDF 2.3 MB)
29 October 2018 MER2018/1284 Relevant portion of minutes of the Renewables SA Board meeting in which submission was reviewed.  Date range: 10/5/2010 to 10/6/2010. MER2018/1284 (PDF 12.3 MB)
22 October 2018 MER2018/1394 All documents relating to activities on EML6090, specifically the PEPR or declaration of environmental factors covering all mine activities. MER2018/1394 (PDF 18.0 MB)