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The Energy Resources Division is part of the Resources and Energy Group of the Department of State Development.

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet is the South Australian Government’s key agency in driving economic prosperity in the State and was formed in October 2011. The Department reports to the Hon Tom Koutsantonis MP in his capacity as Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy (he also has responsibilities as Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and Minister for Housing and Urban Development) and Hon Tom Kenyon MP (Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade and Minister for Small Business).

South Australia's Seven Strategic Priorities

In 2012, the Weatherill Government identified Seven Strategic Priorities to help to focus Government efforts and drive the work of government toward the achievement of the targets set in the visionary South Australian Strategic Plan.

These Priorities are:

  • Creating a vibrant city
  • Safe communities, healthy neighbourhoods
  • An affordable place to live
  • Every chance for every child
  • Grow advanced manufacturing
  • Realising the benefits of the mining boom for all
  • Premium food and wine from our clean environment
  • Realising the benefits of the mining boom

    • Whats the vision?
      The mining exploration boom progresses to a mining production boom. We are a mining services hub for Australia and the region with a reputation for safe and sustainable minerals and energy production. South Australians take up the jobs on offer and our regional towns are more resilient.
    • How will we get there?
      Mining projects progress to production; Local suppliers to mining projects; Free and subsidised training aligned with jobs; Mining technology innovation; Adelaide and regional towns preferred locations for fly in-fly out workers; Diverse mining workforce; Future Fund.

    Grow advanced manufacturing

    • Whats the vision?
      Our manufacturing sector designs, develops and makes goods in demand locally and around the world. It uses world leading technology and design that improves living standards and which offer rewarding careers.
    • How will we get there?
      Highly-skilled workforce; Defence and Mining sectors drive hi-tech manufacturing; Business clusters; Capturing and applying R&D; Build on defence and clean tech industries.

    Energy Resources Division identifies a number of roles in these two priorities including:

    Realising the benefits of the mining boom

    • Facilitating a competitive and sustainable energy supply
    • Reducing costs and red-tape for industry
    • Promoting  South Australia as a attractive investment opportunity to global markets
    • Provision of high quality data and information
    • Effective implementation of leading edge regulation for acceptable outcomes and community trust
    • Low sovereign risk for investment attraction
    • Optimise net benefits to community
    • Data and information provision to industry and the community
    • Leveraging value from major project

    Grow advanced manufacturing

    • Facilitating a competitive and sustainable energy supply
    • Building and retaining skills and research in South Australia
    • Support for services and equipment supply chain to resources sector
    • Facilitating development of ‘niche market’ through value-adding to energy resources (e.g. unconventional gas and geothermal)
    • Strategic teamwork with other Divisions within DPC
    • Encouraging and maturing innovation

    The Department of the Premier and Cabinet combines a trade and economic development role with minerals, energy, renewable energy and trade policy. The Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s work ensures South Australia takes advantage of its resources growth by fostering local participation in the sector and expanding innovation and research capability, positively influencing economic value creation. Through an industry development role, the department aims to ensure South Australia continues to develop high-value manufactured goods, technologies and services to locally anchor the economic benefits from the State's major projects for future generations.

    The Resources and Energy Group manages the state's mineral, petroleum and energy resources on behalf of the people of South Australia.  The Energy Resources Division is the lead agency in facilitating petroleum and geothermal activities in the state. It has responsibility for facilitating the generation of royalty income, economic development, wealth and jobs, and the minimisation of impacts on the environment and public safety through efficient management of the state's petroleum and geothermal rights on behalf of the people of South Australia.


    For South Australia’s petroleum and geothermal potential to be efficiently realised with the community’s support.


    To maximise the community’s net benefits from the state’s ownership of the rights to petroleum and geothermal resources.


    To achieve the above vision and mission, the Energy Resources Division seeks to facilitate the achievement of the following key outcomes that are consistent with DPC corporate outcomes and with the overarching South Australian Strategic Plan.

    1. The Energy Resources Division is respected by stakeholders for the manner in which it progresses its mission.
    2. Maximise the amount of land that is accessible land for the responsible exploration and development of petroleum and geothermal resources.
    3. Maximise exploration investment to realise the value of the state’s ownership of rights to petroleum and geothermal resources.
    4. Activities carried out for the exploration and development of petroleum and geothermal resources are ecologically sustainable.
    5. Maximise competition within the petroleum and geothermal resources industries, and the security of gas supply to the South Australian community.

    The above vision, mission and outcomes are inter-related and interdependent. That is, to maximise economic return requires maximising exploration investment that, in turn, requires maximising the amount of accessible land for such activities to be carried out. To maximise access to land requires community confidence that exploration and development activities are ecologically sustainable and socially acceptable.

    Division role and functions

    The Energy Resources division achieves its mission, outcomes and objectives through three key inter-related roles:

    Attract private sector exploration investment that will lead to new commercial petroleum and geothermal resource discoveries and developments

    • Ensure the ready availability of comprehensive and user-friendly data and databases that are valid and accurate, and relevant to upstream petroleum and geothermal industries.
    • Maintain and disseminate expertise, data and information on technical and business environment aspects of the petroleum and geothermal industries in the state
    • Research new exploration opportunities
    • Promote South Australia exploration opportunities to the worldwide petroleum and geothermal industries.