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Latest advances in South Australian geoscience and resource sector news


Sugarloaf Dam Sandstone

Sugarloaf Dam Sandstone outcrop

The Sugarloaf Dam Sandstone: a new Cenozoic sandstone unit in the northern Eyre Peninsula

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Frontier Fowler Domain

Fowler Domain metagranite

New insights into crustal evolution of the Fowler Domain in the western Gawler Craton

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MinEx CRC targets Delamerian Orogen

10 October 2019

Characterising the basement and mineral potential beneath the Murray Basin.

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Gripped by the central Gawler Craton

10 October 2019

Geoscience workshop reaffirms strong exploration interest.

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Natural gas fuelling our state

10 October 2019

50 years of the Moomba to Adelaide pipeline.

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Seismic data transitioning to the cloud

10 October 2019

70 terabytes of petroleum seismic data transcribed from obsolete tapes.

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Protecting earth’s earliest animals

10 October 2019

A new foundation to preserve our Ediacaran fossils.

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Cutting-edge geoscience

10 October 2019

Stimulating South Australia’s mineral resources sector.

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