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Cutting-edge geoscience

Stimulating South Australia’s mineral resources sector.

This year’s Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA) Discovery Day will be followed by a two-day workshop on iron oxide – copper–gold (IOCG) deposits at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library. With a full program in each and spaces limited, be sure to register for these free events individually following the links below. The South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference (SAEMC) falls in between.

GSSA Discovery Day Thursday 28 November Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide City
South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference (SAEMC) Friday 29 November Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide City
Iron oxide – copper–gold Mineral Systems Workshop Monday–Tuesday
2–3 December

South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, Clovelly Park, Adelaide

Visitors may like to take advantage of the weekend between the conference and the workshop to explore Adelaide and environs – world-famous wine regions, award-winning restaurants, historic buildings, beautiful beaches and much more. See the Enjoy Adelaide website for suggestions.

Discovery Day

Thursday 28 November, Adelaide Convention Centre

Discovery Day is the premier event for the GSSA and collaborating organisations to deliver data and geoscientific knowledge to our stakeholders, in particular the minerals industry. This year’s themes are:

  • new geoscience including cutting-edge findings related to mineral systems
  • ancient and modern environments, in particular the Flinders Ranges and the Murray Basin
  • applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to solving challenges in exploration and mining.

We will have an outstanding opportunity to hear from renowned Geological Survey of Canada geoscientist, Dr Louise Corriveau, who will provide a global view on alteration facies in IOCG terranes. In addition, we will hear from Dr Stephan Thiel of the GSSA on hot-off-the-press magnetotelluric results from the Olympic Domain survey completed in 2019.

The focus will shift away from the Gawler Craton during the day, with talks on the geology of the Delamerian Orogen and on the mineral potential of the Murray Basin. As part of this we will hear from Stacey Curtis of GSSA on the recent activity of GSSA and MinEx CRC in the Delamerian region, along with respected tectonics expert Dr Sandra McLaren from the University of Melbourne who will discuss the continental-scale tectonic context of the Murray Basin through the Cenozoic.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to furthering our understanding of the incredible geology of the Flinders Ranges. The current proposal for listing as a World Heritage region, in part supported by geological mapping by GSSA, will be the focus of this session as we hear from internationally recognised experts on the geology and paleontology of the Neoproterozoic and Cambrian rocks of the Flinders Ranges.

Finally we will hear from Holly Bridgewater of Unearthed and Qufeng Shi of DeepsightX, the second placed team in the recent OZ Minerals Explorers Challenge, together with GSSA’s Ursula Michael discussing the latest advances in data analytics and machine learning as applied to mineral exploration.

An exhibition space will showcase posters and interactive displays of South Australian geology and recent geoscience, including results of the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey. Complementing these will be a geological time walk with spectacular rocks, minerals and fossils highlighting the key periods in earth history relevant to South Australia.

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GCAS areas floor map

Discovery Day 2017: GSSA’s Laz Katona on a map displaying the extent of the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey and the areas acquired as at December 2018. The data from this high-resolution airborne geophysical and terrain imaging program is proving fundamental to improving our understanding of the geological structure of the Gawler Craton. (Photo 417924)

Iron oxide – copper–gold Mineral Systems Workshop

Monday–Tuesday 2–3 December, South Australia Drill Core Reference Library

Olympic dam drill core
Hematite-altered, heterolithic breccia with common disseminated chalcopyrite, Olympic Dam drillhole RU39 5371, approximately 71.25 m. (Photo 417925)

South Australia hosts some of the world’s most significant IOCG deposits. Since the discovery of Olympic Dam, IOCG deposits have been recognised elsewhere in the Gawler Craton and in a number of terranes worldwide.

The workshop will discuss current understanding of IOCG mineral systems, bringing together local and international examples. Alteration facies and their application to mapping the mineral system, lithospheric to deposit scale footprints, and key deposit characteristics will be covered.

Keynote speaker Dr Louise Corriveau will share her expert knowledge on progressive alteration related to IOCG systems from her work in the Great Bear Province, Canada.

South Australia’s range of IOCG deposits, including a major showcase of drill core from Olympic Dam, will be on display.

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South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference (SAEMC)

Friday 29 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre

This is the biggest annual gathering of exploration and mining industry professionals in South Australia and is always well attended. It is an ideal opportunity to keep up with technical updates of activities on flagship South Australian mines and exploration projects.

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– Anthony Reid, October 2019

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