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Accelerated Discovery Initiative ¦ Woomera Prohibited Area - Sept/Oct closures to Green Zone and Stuart Highway ¦ GSSA Discovery Day 2019 - register now

One-day workshop
Wednesday 1 August
9.30 am to  4.30 pm
South Australia Drillcore Reference Library

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The Geological Survey of South Australia will present new geological results and concepts from the multi-million dollar precompetitive geoscience work in the Coompana Province undertaken by the Geological Survey of South Australia in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO.

The Coompana Province straddles the South Australian–Western Australian border in the state’s far west, located between the western Gawler Craton to the east, the Musgrave Province to the north and the Madura Province (Western Australia) to the west.

There has been little to no exploration that has directly targeted the bedrock of this region, largely because the depth to basement is poorly constrained and the geological characteristics and prospectivity of the region is poorly known.

The Coompana Drilling Project aims to provide the mineral exploration industry and research community with new precompetitive data that better defines the geology and prospectivity in this region, thus reducing the risk for explorers.

The free workshop will explore the exciting new geological results and concepts resulting from the drilling program with findings ranging from:

  • lithospheric scale structure as imaged by deep crustal seismic magnetotelluric data
  • landscape evolution
  • surface geochemistry.

The series of presentations and data releases will have a large focus on the results from the Coompana Drilling Project and the day will include a viewing of the retrieved cores from beneath the Nullarbor Plain.

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