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Coompana Drilling and Geochemistry - precompetitive geoscience data releases ¦  Statute Amendment (Mineral Resources) Bill 2018 introduced into Parliament ¦ Mineral Resources Division is now based at level 4, 11 Waymouth Street, Adelaide 5000 ¦ Regulatory Guideline MG2b PEPR for metallic and industrial minerals - updated guidance on measurement criteria

The Kanmantoo-Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) was set up to ensure effective and ongoing communication and consultation process with the local community.

The key objectives of the KCCCC in accordance with its Terms of Reference are to:

  1. Provide a stakeholder and community forum aimed at building and supporting meaningful long term relationships and developing trust and confidence between the mining company, the South Australian Government mining regulation, other stakeholders and the wider community.
  2. Facilitate the timely exchange of information, comment and feedback between the company, the mining regulator, other stakeholders and the community on issues related to the Kanmantoo Copper Mine appropriate to the stage of the mining development.
  3. Ensure accurate, timely and effective communication between the company, the mining regulator, other stakeholders and the community.
  4. Provide appropriate access for stakeholders and the community to the company and all relevant government departments and other relevant authorities with a role related to the Kanmantoo Copper Mine.
  5. Assist the company to establish and maintain an effective community engagement process with stakeholders and the community.

Meeting minutes and presentations

Copies of the Agendas and minutes from previous meetings can be found at the Hillgrove Copper website Kanmantoo Committee page.