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Standard (protocol) service used to exchange data between applications over the internet

Update 14 December 2018

SARIG web services URL change and improved services

SARIG web services (WMS and WFS) URL paths have changed - you will need to update your current web service URLs.

To access the new URLs either:

  • go to the SARIG Main Menu and choose the Web Services option, or
  • go direct to the Web Services menu in a new SARIG session and select the web service you require

A Web Service is a standard (protocol) service used to exchange data between applications over the internet. SARIG offers Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS) which allows the exchange of geo-referenced maps and features over the internet.

Web map service (WMS)

Serving a styled geo-reference map as an image format, data can be queried to return a simple attribute.

Web feature service (WFS)

Serving a styled geo-reference map where all data features (geometry and attributes are available; any type of geospatial analysis and data can be performed.

To use web services you will need additional mapping software that can communicate with web services - refer to your GIS software help on web services connections.

SARIG supports Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services

For more information, contact:

Christie Gerrard
SARIG Manager

Phone: +61 8 8463 4012
Customer Services
Level 7, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone: + 61 8 8463 3000