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Latest advances in South Australian geoscience and resource sector news


Cryptocrystalline magnesite

Interbedded dolomite and magnesite

New kiln technology expands market opportunities for cryptocrystalline magnesite

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Defining Whyalla Sandstone

Whyalla Sandstone

Recognition and definition of the copper-hosting Whyalla Sandstone, South Australia

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MinEx CRC in the starting blocks

18 April 2019

National Drilling Initiative: reducing exploration risk.

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Woomera Prohibited Area review

18 April 2019

A contemporary coexistence framework.

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PACE Gas delivers

18 April 2019

Locally produced and competitively priced gas.

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Creating global connections

18 April 2019

Copper to the World conference.

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U and the Future

18 April 2019

AusIMM International Uranium Conference.

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In the spotlight

18 April 2019

Discovery Day presentation videos.

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