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Extensive mapping was undertaken between 1992 and 1994 to provide explorers with a comprehensive view of the structure of the Otway Basin. Four key seismic horizons have been mapped using existing open file seismic sections and industry interpretations, and tied to the network of 50 wells in the basin.

These horizons – Top Sherbrook Group (late Cretaceous), Top Eumeralla Formation (early Cretaceous), Top Crayfish Group (early Cretaceous) and Top Basement (early Palaeozoic) generally divide the basin into megasequence units. Horizon maps have been converted to depth and a range of isopach maps have been prepared.

Many of the maps from this mapping are included in the publication Petroleum Geology of South Australia - Volume 1 - the Otway Basin (PDF 25MB)

An example of what is available:

Top Eumeralla Formation Depth Map


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A comprehensive list of the mapped horizons and thickness maps is contained in the Otway Seismic Mapping. A packaged data set is also available at discounted rates as indicated in the available products and price listing:

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