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Following the completion of a Flora and fauna communities of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin study in 2017, the DEW, DPC (now Department of Energy and Mining, DEM) and energy industry partners concluded that there was an opportunity to further utilise the ecotype mapping and ecological data, combined with new analyses of remote sensing data to further refine assessments of Environmental values of the Cooper-Eromanga Basin.

These new investigations have interrogated Landsat satellite data (~30 m resolution) to identify high-value groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDE), assess conservation priorities, develop metrics to assess vegetation condition, and provide updated mapping of environmental values in the region.

These spatial tools are intended to facilitate routine assessments of the potential impact of existing or new industry activities on environmental values, and to provide a desktop method to rapidly and consistently evaluate rangeland native vegetation clearance and offset applications (i.e. significant environmental benefit, SEB).