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To report a serious incident to DEM, as required by Section 85(2) of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, licensees contact the serious incident report on: (08) 8463 6666.    Don't forget to update your bookmarks to

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Annual report requirements

Under Section 33 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, Licensees are required to submit Annual Reports detailing activities undertaken within each licence area during the respective licence year, as well as the activities proposed for the ensuing licence year. An important part of this reporting is to ensure that each Licensee regularly reviews, assesses and reports on their performance and compliance with the Act and relevant environmental objectives.

Company annual reports are submitted to the Department for Energy and Mining within two months of the end of each licence year.

Note that all annual reports posted on this register have been reviewed by the Department for Energy and Mining for compliance with Regulation 33 of the Act, and any required follow-up action has been taken.

Annual reports that have been submitted and are under review for compliance with the Act are noted.

For more information regarding these reports, email

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Guide to compiling annual reports

Company Annual Report Template (DOC 138 KB)
This template has been provided by the Department for Energy and Mining to assist companies in the preparation of annual reports.

Annual Report Review Checklist (DOC 153 KB)
Annual Report Review Checklist - Pipeline Licences only (DOC 161 KB)
The checklists provided are based on Regulation 33 of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000, and can be downloaded and used by licensees as a guide to preparing such reports.

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Company annual reports

The following tables list all currently available annual reports for each active Licence in South Australia.

Note:This '*' symbol denotes that the annual report is combined with one or more other licences.

Exploration Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
PEL 27Beach Petroleum LimitedOtway BasinExpired
PEL 32Origin Energy Resources LimitedOtway BasinExpired
PEL 57Lakes Oil N.L.Otway BasinSurrendered
PEL 66Lakes Oil N.LOtway BasinExpired
PEL 71Pontia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 72Essential Petroleum Resources LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 73DMS Partners LPGreater Adelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
PEL 74Strike Oil N.L.Otway BasinSurrendered
PEL 75Strike Oil N.L.Otway BasinCancelled
PEL 81 *Rodinia Oil (Australia) Pty LtdOfficer BasinActive
PEL 82President Petroleum Pty LtdOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 83Origin Energy Resources LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 84AWE Petroleum Pty LtdOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 86*Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
PEL 87 *Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 88Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 89*Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
PEL 90Stuart Petroleum Pty LtdCooper BasinActive
PEL 91Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 92Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 93Stuart Petroleum Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PEL 94Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 95Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 96Strike Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 100Stuart Petroleum Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PEL 101Acer Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 102Stuart Petroleum Pty LtdCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 103Acer Energy Pty LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 104Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 105Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 106Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PEL 107Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PEL 108Holloman Oil & Gas LimitedCooper BasinConsolidated
PEL 109Holloman Oil & Gas LimitedCooper BasinConsolidated
PEL 110Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 111Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 112Terra Nova Energy (Australia) Pty LtdCooper BasinActive
PEL 113Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 114Santos LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 115Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 117 *SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 118 *SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 119 *SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 120SAPEXGreater Adelaide-Mid NorthActive
PEL 121 *SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 122 *SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 123 SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 124SAPEX LimitedArckaringa BasinActive
PEL 126Energy Exploration Pty LtdPolda BasinActive
PEL 127Hybrid Energy Australia Pty LtdOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 132President Petroleum Pty LtdArrowie BasinSurrendered
PEL 135Beach Petroleum LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 136Beach Petroleum LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 138Ahava Energy LimitedOfficer BasinActive
PEL 145Greenpower Energy LimitedGreater Adelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
PEL 153Energy Exploration Pty LtdPolda BasinActive
PEL 154Otway Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PEL 155Otway Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PEL 174Energy Exploration LimitedRiverlandSurrendered
PEL 182Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 183Eden EnergyArrowie BasinSurrendered
PEL 186Somerton Energy Pty LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 187Geothermal Resources LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 218Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 219Syngas LimitedRiverlandSurrendered
PEL 253 *Rodinia Oil (Australia) Pty LtdOfficer BasinActive
PEL 255Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinExpired
PELs 288, 289, 290, 331Senex Energy LimitedSimpsonActive
PEL 424 *Victoria Oil Exploration (1977) Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 423Swann and Jenkins Pty LtdGreater Adelaide-Mid NorthSurrender
PEL 444Terra Nova Energy (Australia) Pty LtdCooper BasinActive
PEL 494Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PEL 495Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinConsolidated
PEL 496Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 499Ahava Energy LimitedOfficer BasinActive
PEL 500Ahava Energy LimitedOfficer BasinActive
PEL 512Discovery Energy SA LtdCooper BasinActive
PEL 513 Santos QNT Pty LtdCooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 514Senex Energy Limited Cooper BasinTerm ended
PEL 515Strike Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 516Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 558Liberty Resources LtdRiverlandSurrendered
PEL 568*SAPEX LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 569*SAPEX LimitedCooper BasinActive
PEL 570 Outback Energy Hunter Pty Ltd Cooper Basin Active 
PEL 575Strike Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 606 SAPEX LimitedGreater Adelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
PEL 610DunstoneOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 629Ouro Preto Resources Pty LtdOtway BasinSurrendered
PEL 630 Beach Energy LimitedCooper Basin Active 
PEL 632Santos QNT Pty LtdCooper BasinTerm Ended
PEL 636Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
PEL 637Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm Ended
PEL 638Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinTerm Ended
PEL 641Bridgeport (Cooper Basin) Pty LtdCooper BasinActive
PEL 650Leigh Creek Operations Pty LtdTelford BasinActive
LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
GEL 97Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 98 Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 99Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 128*Green Heat Resources Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired
GEL 129*Green Heat Resources Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensConsolidated
GEL 156*MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaActive
GEL 157*MNGI Pty LtdArrowie BasinSurrendered
GEL 158MNGI Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 161-163*Green Heat Resources Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensConsolidated
GELs 166-168Eden Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 169Eden Energy Limited Cooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 170-173*Scopenergy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GELs 175-176 Eden Energy LimitedRiverlandSurrendered
GEL 177Eden Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 178*MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaConsolidated
GEL 179*MNGI Pty LtdArrowie BasinSurrendered
GEL 180*MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaConsolidated
GEL 181Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaActive
GEL 184*Scopenergy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered 
GEL 185Origin Energy Geothermal Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
GELs 188-190*Pacific Hydro Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 191-193*Pacific Hydro Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
GELs 194-205*Pacific Hydro Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 206*Green Heat Resources Pty LydSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired
GEL 207Granite Power LimitedSpencer Lake Torrens Surrendered
GELs 208-210*Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaConsolidated
GEL 211Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 212*Scopenergy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GEL 213*Green Rock Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired
GELs 214-217*Geothermal Resources LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GELs 220-221Osiris Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered 
GEL 222Geothermal Resources LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered 
GEL 223Osiris Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
GEL 226*Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
GELs 227-228*Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
GEL 229Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
GELs 230-235*Torrens Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 236-238*Pacific Hydro Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GELs 241-242*MNGI Pty LtdRiverlandSurrendered
GELs 244-248*Green Rock Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired 
GELs 249-250*Geothermal Resources LimitedOtway BasinConsolidated
GEL 251Granite Power LimitedArckaringa Basin Surrendered
GEL 252Granite Power LimitedArckaringa BasinSurrendered
GEL 254*MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 256Granite Power LimitedArckaringa BasinSurrendered
GEL 257Granite Power LimitedArckaringa BasinSurrendered
GEL 258Granite Power LimitedArckaringa BasinSurrendered
GEL 259Granite Power LimitedArckaringa BasinSurrendered
GELs 260-262*Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthConsolidated
GEL 263*Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthConsolidated
GEL 264Tri-Star Energy CompanySpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 265Tri-Star Energy CompanySpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 267*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 268*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 269*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 270-272*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 273*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 274-277*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 278*Torrens Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 279Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 280Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 281*Osiris Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 282-284*Green Rock Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 285*Torrens Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 291Granite Power LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GEL 293Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid North Surrendered
GEL 294OZ Minerals Carapateena Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensActive
GEL 295OZ Minerals Carapateena Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensActive
GEL 296*Callabonna Energy Pty LtdCurnamona Surrendered
GEL 297*Inferus Resources LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 300-302*Inferus Resources LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 304-307*Callabonna Energy Pty LtdCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 308*Deep Energy LimitedCurnamonaExpired
GEL 309Tri-Star Energy CompanyCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 310Tri-Star Energy CompanyCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 311-315*Deep Energy LimitedCurnamonaExpired
GEL 316*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 317*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 318-319*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 320*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 321Near Surface Geothermal Energy Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 322*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GELs 323-324*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GELs 329-330*Eden Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 336*MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaConsolidated
GEL 337*Earth Heat Australia Pty LtdAdelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
GEL 338-339*Earth Heat Australia Pty LtdAdelaide-Mid NorthConsolidated
GELs 340-345*AAA Energy Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 346-348*AAA Energy Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 350*Callabonna Energy Pty LtdCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 352New World Energy Solutions Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
GEL 353New World Energy Solutions Pty LtdRiverlandSurrendered
GELs 354-365*Gradient Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 366-376Green Rock Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GEL 377*Gradient Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 378*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GELs 379-381*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 382*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GELs 383-385*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinConsolidated
GEL 386*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
GELs 387-389*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinConsolidated
GELs 390-392*Clean Energy Australasia Pty LtdCooper BasinConsolidated
GELs 407-410*Torrens Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 411-422Terratherma LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 425*Torrend Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthSurrendered
GEL 446Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaSurrendered
GELs 448-461Gradient Resources LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 481-483*Torrens Energy LimitedAdelaide-Mid NorthConsolidated
GEL 484*Scopenergy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GEL 486*Deep Energy Pty LtdCurnamonaSurrendered
GELs 487-490*Deep Energy Pty LtdCurnamonaConsolidated
GELs 491-493Geothermal Resources LimitedCurnamonaSurrendered 
GEL 497*Deep Energy Pty LtdCurnamonaConsolidated
GEL 498Geothermal Resources LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GEL 501Torrens Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 502Raya Group LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GELs 503-507Earth Heat Resources Pty LtdRiverlandSurrendered
GELs 523-525Earth Heat Resources Pty LtdRiverlandSurrendered
GELs 526-527Strike Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GEL 557Green Rock Energy LimitedSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired
GEL 559Torrens Energy (SA) Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensExpired
GELs 563-565*Roxby Geothermal Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GELs 571-574*Torrens Energy (SA) Pty LtdAdelaide-Mid NorthActive
GEL 576Near Surface Geothermal Energy Pty LtdSpencer-Lake TorrensSurrendered
GEL 603MNGI Pty LtdCurnamonaSurrendered
GEL 611Osiris Energy LimitedOtway BasinSurrendered
GEL 667ReNu Energy LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
GSELs 612-625Tri-Star Energy CompanyCooper BasinActive
GSEL 633Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 634Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 645Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 646Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 648Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 652Acer Energy Pty LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 653Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 654Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 659Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 660Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
GSEL 662Leigh Creek Operations Pty LtdLeigh CreekActive
GSEL 668-671Tri-Star Energy CompanyPedirkaActive

Retention Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
PRL 1Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PRL 2Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PRL 13Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PRL 14Red Sky Energy (NT) Pty LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 15Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 16Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 17Red Sky Energy (NT) Pty LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 18Red Sky Energy (NT) Pty LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 25Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PRL 26Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 28*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 29*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 30*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 31*Santos Limited Cooper BasinActive
PRL 32Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PRLs 33-49 Beach Energy Limited Cooper BasinActive 
PRLs 50-84, 105-110, 116-117Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 85-104 Beach Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
PRLs 111-115*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 118-128Senex Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
PRLs 129-130 Beach Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
PRLs 131-134Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRL 135Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive 
PRLs 136-150 Senex Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
PRLs 151-172 Beach Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
PRLs 173-174Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 175-179Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 180-182Red Sky Energy (NT) Pty LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 183-190Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 191 - 206Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 207-209Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 210-220Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 221-230Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 231-233, 237Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PRLs 238-244Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
GRL 3*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 4*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 5*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 6*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 7*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 8*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 9*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 10*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 11*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 12*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinActive
GRL 20*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GRL 21*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GRL 22*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GRL 23*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
GRL 24*Geodynamics LimitedCooper BasinSurrendered
LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
GSRL 27Adelaide EnergyOtway BasinActive

Production Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
PPLs 6-20, 22-61, 63-167, 169-201, 228-238*Cooper Basin Joint Venture (Santos)Cooper BasinActive
PPL 21Air Liquide Australia LtdOtway BasinActive
PPL 62*Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PPL 168*Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive
PPL 202*Beach Energy LimitedOtway BasinActive

PPL 203*

Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 204*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 205*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 206*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 207*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 208*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 209*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 210*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 211*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 212*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 213*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 214*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 215*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 217*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 218*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 220*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 224*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive 
PPL 225*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 226*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 227*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 239*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 240*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 241*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 242*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 243*Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 245*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 246*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 247*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 248*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 249*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 250*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 251Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 252*Santos LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 253*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 254*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 255*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 256*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 260*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 261*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
PPL 262*Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive

Pipeline Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
PL 1Epic Energy SAMoomba - AdelaideActive
PL 2Epic Energy SA (for Cooper Basin Producers)Moomba - Port BonythonActive
PL 3 *Epic Energy SAKatnook - SAFRIES plantActive
PL 4 *Epic Energy SAKatnook - Mt Gambier/SnuggeryActive
PL 5 *Santos (for Cooper Basin Producers)Ballera - MoombaActive
PL 6APT O&M Services (for Australian Gas Networks (SA) Limited)RiverlandActive
PL 7East Australian PipelineMoomba - SydneyActive
PL 8East Australian Pipeline (for Gorodok)Moomba - SydneyActive
PL 9 *Santos (for Cooper Basin Producers)South West Queensland - MettikaActive
PL 10Epic Energy (for Origin Energy Pipelines)Moomba InterconnectionOperation and reporting obligations suspended indefinitely
PL 11APT O&M Services (for Australian Gas Networks Limited)Berri - MilduraActive
PL 12Epic Energy SA (for Heathgate Resources)BeverleyActive
PL 13SEA GasIona to Adelaide Active
PL 15 *Santos (for Cooper Basin Producers)SA/Qld Border - KernaActive
PL 16APT O&M Services (for APT Pipelines (SA))SA/Vic Border - Katnook/Ladbroke GroveActive
PL 17SantosQueensland - MoombaActive
PL 18APA (SWQP) Pty LtdQSN LinkActive
PL 19*Adelaide Energy Pty LtdKatnook GatheringActive
PL 20SantosCook - MerrimeliaActive

Survey Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
PSL 1*Epic Energy South Australia Pty LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 3Epic Energy (Victoria) Investments Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PSL 5 *Epic Energy South Australia Pty LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 8Epic Energy South Australia Pty LimitedStansburyExpired
PSL 9South East Australia Gas Pty LtdMultipleExpired
PSL 10Epic Energy South Australia Pty LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 11Beach Petroleum LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 12BHP Billiton Olympic Dam CorporationCooper BasinExpired
PSL 13South East Australia Gas Pty LtdMultipleExpired
PSL 14Origin Energy Retail LimitedOtway BasinExpired
PSL 15Santos LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 16Epic Energy Queensland Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PSL 17Epic Energy South Australia Pty LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 18Beach Petroleum LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 19Adelaide Energy LimitedOtway BasinExpired
PSL 20KJM Contractors Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PSL 21Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 22Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 23Santos LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 24Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 25Great Artesian Oil and Gas Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PSL 26Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 27Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 28 Senex Energy Limited Cooper Basin Expired
PSL 29Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired 
PSL 30Epic Energy SA Pty LtdPelican PointExpired
PSL 31 Drillsearch Energy Limited Cooper Basin Expired
PSL 33APT Pipelines Limited Cooper BasinExpired
PSL 34 Epic Energy South Australia Pty Limited Port Pirie Expired
PSL 35Senex Energy LimitedCooper BasinExpired
PSL 36KJM Contractors Pty LtdCooper BasinExpired
PSL 37Australian Gas Networks LimitedMurray BridgeActive
SSL 1Origin Energy ResourcesOtway BasinExpired              
SSL 2Origin Energy ResourcesOtway BasinExpired
SSL 3SantosOtway BasinExpired
SSL 4Origin Energy ResourcesOtway BasinExpired
SSL 5Essential Petroleum ResourcesOtway BasinExpired

Facilities Licences

LicenceCurrent OperatorLocalityStatus
SFL 1APA GroupAdelaide GeosynclineSurrendered
SFL 2J.P Commodities Pty LtdCooper BasinActive
SFL 3Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
SFL 4Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
SFL 5Outback Logistics Pty LtdCooper BasinSurrendered
SFL 7Rossair Charter Pty Ltd Cooper Basin Surrendered
SFL 8Beach Energy LimitedCooper BasinActive
SFL 9Beach Energy LimitedCooper Basin Active 
SFL 10Senex Energy Limited Cooper Basin  Active 
SFL 11 Beach Energy Limited Cooper Basin Active 
SFL 12 APA GroupAdelaide Geosyncline Active
SFL 13Precise Outcomes Pty LtdCooper BasinActive