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Premier's Awards in Energy and Mining 2019

About the Awards

The Premier’s Awards recognise excellence demonstrated by leading resources and energy sector companies and organisations to improve the economic, environmental, health and social wellbeing of South Australian communities.

The Premier's Awards applaud companies and organisations that:

  • recognise South Australia as a place to successfully undertake innovative projects
  • demonstrate leadership in implementing leading practice
  • raise the bar for their competitors across the sector in their workplace practices and community engagement
  • implement projects that have measurable and valued impacts in the market place of ideas.

Companies and organisations eligible to apply for the Awards must operate in the:

  • Energy sector (generation, transmission, distribution, retail, energy products and services)
  • Resources sector (mineral, extractives or petroleum exploration or operations)
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector (Note: it is recognised that eligible equipment, technology and/or services companies can also be active in other industry sectors. This category is intended to recognise the importance of the supply chain partners to the resources and energy sectors).

There are three main award categories:

  • Diversity
  • Working with communities
  • Innovation (incorporating sub-categories: Environment; Health and safety; Productivity)

Sub categories of awards in these fields of excellence were created specific to each of the three eligible sectors, with a total of 15 award categories available.

For the first time, this year the Awards also include a Young Achiever category, recognising exceptional achievements in the eligible sectors by a person aged 30 years or under.

As the Premier's Awards enter their eighth year, the Department for Energy and Mining welcomes the Industry Capability Network (IC) and SafeWork SA as official partners for the METS sector and our new health and safety awards.

Award categories

Sector Award categories
 Diversity Communities Innovation
Mineral, extractives or petroleum exploration or operations
Resources: Diversity Resources: Working with communities Resources: Innovation - Environmental management
Resources: Innovation - Productivity improvement
Resources: Innovation - Health and safety 
METS METS: Diversity METS: Working with communities METS - Innovation: Productivity improvement
METS -Innovation: Export market growth
Generation, transmission, distribution, retail, energy products and services
Energy: Diversity Energy: Working with communities - Delivering customer value Energy: Innovation - Productivity improvement
Energy: Innovation - Transformational innovation 
Energy: Innovation - Health and safety
All sectors eligible Young achiever award (under 30 years)

Who is eligible to apply?

Any company or organisation that operates in South Australia’s minerals, petroleum, quarrying, METS and energy sectors is eligible to apply. The key criteria are that the company or organisation operates in South Australia, irrespective of ownership or headquarter location, and can demonstrate excellence in one or more of the Award categories.

Please note that previous award-winning projects will not be considered for another award unless the applicant can demonstrate significantly different and/or additonal outcomes ha ve ben achieved thorugh the project.

Past applicants who were not award winners, may resubmit their project.

Why enter the Premier’s Awards for Energy and Mining?

The winning companies or organisations receive formal recognition for their performance and leadership in the energy, resources and METS sectors. They will have an opportunity to share their experiences with government, industry and the community through expanded awareness of their winning program or project. The Award winners will be able to differentiate themselves amongst other companies and organisations. They set an example of excellence in corporate social responsibility and innovation, encouraging others to follow their lead and raising the bar for the rest of their sector.

Entering the Awards provides an opportunity to:

  • Demonstrate how these programs and projects have measurable and valued impacts in the marketplace
  • Support internal business cases to apply more resources to these types of programs and projects
  • Receive recognition for business policies that aim to improve diversity and support communities
  • Increase media and brand awareness
  • Highlight the company or organisation as an attractive potential employer or business partner

The winner of each Award will receive a framed certificate signed by the Premier and the rights to use the award category logo on their website and marketing material.The Department will promote the achievements of the Award recipients through social media, websites, case studies and short videos.

Administration of the Awards


All applications will remain commercial-in-confidence. Access will be granted to Department for Energy and Mining Awards administration officers and the relevant judging panel members. The Department for Energy and Mining will seek the approval of the winning applicant prior to publishing any commercially sensitive details of the program or project.

Conditions of entry

The following conditions of entry apply to all applicants:

  • Opening date for entries is 9.00 am on Monday 2 September 2019
  • Closing date for entries is 5.00 pm on Monday 30 September 2019
  • Applications must be submitted through the Online Awards Portal (details to follow)
  • Applicants may be asked to provide further documentation or evidence to support their claims
  • Applicants may be requested by the Department for Energy and Mining to provide non-confidential details and/or photographs for publicity purposes pertaining to the Awards
  • Applicants acknowledge the Department for Energy and Mining may distribute media releases regarding the outcomes of the Awards

How are the Awards judged?

The applications must meet the eligibility criteria.

The Awards will be judged based on the merit of each application, not as a competition between applicants. Small projects are encouraged to apply, as the merit of their project will be assessed taking the size and resources of the company or organisation into consideration.

Applications will be preliminarily judged against criteria for each Award.

A  judging panel will be convened for each of the three sectors (resources, METS and energy), comprising representatives from the government and industry sectors.

The judging panel will further discuss criteria assessments and make recommendations on the winning applicants to the Premier after assessing the written applications. The Premier's decision is final.

When will the Awards ceremony take place?

The Awards will be presented on Friday 15 November 2019 at the InterContinental Adelaide Hotel at a dinner event organised by the Department for Energy and Mining. Information about the sale of event tickets will shortly be available on this website.

How do I apply?

Applicants must apply through the Online Awards Portal (available shortly on this website).

  • An individual user ID and password must be created to access the portal and submit an application.
  • Applicants can save partially completed applications for later completion and submission.
  • The online application form outlines the weighted criteria that must be addressed and includes strict word limits.
  • A brief description of the company or organisation and a company logo is required for use by the Department in Awards promotional activities (e.g. event booklet).
  • Keep the answers succinct and to the point - make use of dot points where possible, include tables and graphs as supporting evidence.
  • Clearly address each criteria, be to the point, be honest and factual. The STAR format (situation, task, action, result) is one possible way of constructing the response.
  • Results must be measurable and be significant to prove the success of the project.
  • Up to three (3) supporting attachments may be included. Applicants are advised to keep the length of attached documents to a minimum.
  • It is strongly recommended applicants provide a short video presentation of their application. This video does not require professional production, a video shot using a mobile phone is sufficient. Video attachments are not included in the three (3) supporting attachments limit.

Who can I contact for more information?

Mineral Resources Division
Department for Energy and Mining

Phone: +61 8 8463 3000 

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