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2018 Premier's Awards recipients

Energy sector

Excellence in Working with Communities: Delivering Customer Value

Winner: SIMEC ZEN Energy for 'Reducing the cost of energy for the disadvantaged through renewable energy'

SIMEC ZEN Energy has developed a business model to enable the social and disadvantaged housing sector to install solar energy on many of their housing assets that would be self-funding with a positive cash flow and still provide a 40% plus saving on electricity to the tenants. Working closely with four top tier social housing providers, this model is already providing cheaper electricity to hundreds of disadvantaged households in South Australia and has the potential to be deployed over thousands of households.

This winning program is delivering practical benefits for disadvantaged communities that would usually find it difficult to access renewable energy technologies.

For more information visit Zen Energy website

Excellence in Innovation: Productivity Improvement

Winner: Energy Developments Pty Ltd for 'Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid'

The Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Power Project commenced commercial operation in July 2017, combining 4MW wind generation; 1MW solar generation; a 1MW/500kWhr battery; and other integration technologies with the diesel power station as a backup. The project has delivered reliable electricity for the community and it has done so at world-leading renewable energy penetration rates, supplying approximately 74% of the town’s energy use through renewable energy (end September 2018) including 3454 hours of zero diesel operation over the 2017-18 financial year.

This winning project impressed through the high level of transparency and accountability provided to the local community and the company’s strong focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

For more information visit Energy Developments website

Excellence in Innovation: Transformational Innovation

Commendation: 1414 Degrees for the 'SA Water GAS-TESS' project

1414 Degrees is a South Australian company working with local universities, employing Adelaide based engineers, tradespersons, and suppliers. The project addresses the intermittency of renewable generation that constrains the amount of renewable energy that can be beneficially injected into an electricity network. The spinning inertia of 1414 Degrees TESS turbines aim to make the electricity grid more robust, lowering network stability costs and reducing cost to connect for renewable sources.

For more information visit 1414 Degrees website

Commendation: SIMEC ZEN Energy for 'Transforming the Australian energy sector to bring prices down and realise South Australia’s new energy advantage'

SIMEC ZEN Energy is partnering with large consumers of energy in the commercial and industrial sectors in Australia and utilising large-scale renewables with firming assets to back retail electricity contracts. The company has now embarked on a program to deliver a $1 billion roll out of renewable energy capacity investment in South Australia, creating lasting benefits for regional communities and those employed within its Adelaide office.

For more information visit Zen Energy website

METS sector

Excellence in Working with Communities

Winner: BHP Olympic Dam and C-Res for 'Local Buying Program'

A joint project by BHP and C-Res, the Local Buying Program has been established to support small businesses to supply goods and services to BHP operations via a competitive tender process with reduced payment terms. Businesses also receive direct support from C-Res Business Engagement Advisors and the Program Administration Team (a cost neutral service). This innovative program has demonstrated outstanding results and an enduring impact for local communities. Since October 2017, the program has achieved a total of approved spend of $2,014,553, 78 approved suppliers and 173 approved work opportunities.

This program sets a high standard not only for the METS and resources sectors, but also for all large-scale companies operating in South Australia.

For more information visit C-RES website

Excellence in Innovation: Productivity Improvement

Winner: Boart Longyear for 'TruScan Innovative onsite core scanning technology'

Boart Longyear’s TruScan technology is able to scan and photograph a full tray of core and provide geochemical data within 25 minutes of the core being brought out of the ground. Normally analysis involves collecting core on pallets, transporting to laboratory, the laboratory scheduling in analysis, carrying out analysis and eventually the results being delivered.

The technology is delivering substantial cost savings for both exploration and mining companies. Boart Longyear is also recognised for its strong commitment to attracting and retaining skilled talent in South Australia.

For more information visit Boart Longyear website

Commendation: Minalyze for 'Minalyzer core scanner and Minalogger data visualization software'

The Minalyzer is a XRF drill core scanner capable of continuously scanning cores directly in core trays. Two separate projects have been undertaken in the South Australian Drill Core Library, generating high-resolution geochemistry, digital images and 3D-models for 20 km drill cores. Huge investments are made in drilling activities; however the data from just a fraction of the samples is collected. The Minalyzer unlocks this information. The development of the cloud based software Minalogger provides 3D visualisation of data generated by the Minalyzer.

A commendation was awarded in recognition of the enormous potential of this technology once fully commercialised.

For more information visit Minalyze website

Excellence in Innovation: Commercialisation of Research

Winner: Maptek Pty Ltd for 'Maptek Sentry'

The Maptek Sentry system delivers a novel approach to monitoring the stability of walls and structures to help operations manage risk and guide safety management. The laser-based technology can be deployed to monitor mine surfaces such as pit walls, slopes, benches and ramps as well as underground convergence and subsidence. Maptek exemplifies South Australian innovation and commercialisation with global impact. Twenty-two Sentry systems are now used around the world.

The laser imaging facility has been operating since 1999 in Adelaide, where Sentry R&D and manufacturing takes place. Building and delivering Sentry systems to customers involves 25 full time employees in Maptek South Australia, providing significant new opportunities in advanced manufacturing to service the energy and mining industries. More than 70% of Maptek suppliers are SA-based. Global reach enables flow-on effects for SA export, logistics and freight suppliers.

For more information visit Maptek website

Resources sector

Excellence in Diversity

Winner: Iluka Resources and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation for 'Jacinth-Ambrosia - Diversity in Action - Partnerships with Far West Coast and Iluka Resources'

Iluka Resources has demonstrated a strong and enduring commitment to develop a diverse and engaged workforce. In relation to its Jacinth-Ambrosia project, Iluka Resources works in partnership with the Far West Coast (FWC) Aboriginal Corporation through the FWC Iluka Liaison Committee. Successful commitment to and implementation of the Native Title Mining Agreement (NTMA) and a strong relationship with the FWC has resulted the achievement and maintenance of a 20% aspirational employment target of Indigenous people throughout mining operations, including the recent 18 month idle period in 2016 and 2017. The exceptional program of in-house environmental rehabilitation implemented during that idle period has achieved multiple benefits including the ongoing employment of the local and Indigenous workforce.

This winning program is exemplary for its diversity and social inclusion outcomes. It is also a model of how the resources sector can partner with local communities to deliver positive socio-economic outcomes in market downturns, as well as in the boom times.

For more information visit Iluka website

Commendation: BHP Olympic Dam for 'Championing change at Olympic Dam'

To achieve BHP’s aspirational target of gender balance by 2025 at Olympic Dam, an internal Inclusion and Diversity Council (IDC) was formed and is championing change through a range of approaches, including focuses on facilities and infrastructure, flexible work, and culture. The most notable results have been a 5.9% increase in female representation (14.2% of the Olympic Dam current workforce, compared to 8.3% in Q1 FY17) and an increase in Indigenous team members in FY18 to 4.4% (against a target of 3.1%). The investment BHP Olympic Dam has made to developing a comprehensive and enduring program is highly commendable. From addressing identified gaps in facilities including change rooms and amenities to address gender and cultural needs, the introduction of flexible work arrangements including job sharing, to the introduction of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for women with smaller sizing and maternity options, through to site wide programs to lead cultural change.

A commendation has been awarded in recognition of the program’s demonstration of leading practice for the resources sector and all industries operating within South Australia.

For more information visit BHP website

Excellence in Working with Communities

Winner: OZ Minerals and Global Maintenance Upper Spencer Gulf for 'Carrapateena Project'

The Carrapateena Local Participation Partnership is a formal agreement between OZ Minerals and Global Maintenance Upper Spencer Gulf (GMUSG) aimed at maximising local supplier participation in the development and operation of OZ Minerals’ $900 million Carrapateena copper-gold project currently in construction 160 km north of Port Augusta in South Australia. Local communities have gained significant additional income and employment from local supplier participation at Carrapateena. Local business participation levels are evident and will continue to grow as construction at Carrapateena ramps up, providing enduring social-economic outcomes.

This exceptional partnership has elements that can be replicated by all sectors in the South Australian economy, no matter the size of the operation, providing a leading practice example of local procurement for all companies.

For more information visit OZ Minerals website and GMUSG website

Winner: Heathgate Resources for 'Aboriginal Engagement Program'

Heathgate Resources aims to meet and/or exceed a 20% commitment to employing Adnyamathanha candidates across a range of positions on the mine site based in Beverley. During 2018, Heathgate Resources has actively worked with the Beverley Advisory Committee, the Elders, and the local Adnyamathanha community, working together to identify needs and work through strategies to increase the number of Adnyamathanha employees at Beverley. Heathgate Resources has also appointed a dedicated HR Business Partner - Heritage, Diversity and Engagement to support this work. In particular, the Aboriginal School Mentoring Program has been well received by the community and has already seen 62 students participate in the camps with a number of them following on to work experience at the Beverley Mine site. The program recognises the importance of family support in helping to skill youth for the workforce.

This program is a leading practice example of a company working closely with their local Aboriginal community to achieve socio-economic benefits, including social inclusion and diversity outcomes.

For more information visit Heathgate Resources website

Commendation: Hillgrove Resources Limited and the Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee for 'Kanmantoo Callington Regional Master Plan'

Hillgrove Resources and the local communities of Callington and Kanmantoo are establishing a regional Master Plan to deliver positive long-term benefit to the community that hosts the Kanmantoo Copper mine. The Plan is a community led process supported by Hillgrove Resources, designed to build community capability in the areas of Callington and Kanmantoo for a future after mining. This highly commended approach empowers the community to collectively strive for the betterment of the local region. The Plan has been developed by the Kanmantoo Callington Community Consultative Committee (KCCCC) over four years – a significant commitment - and will have enduring impacts when integration with existing local government planning is achieved. The innovative collaboration between the KCCCC and UniSA’s Match Studio to minimise project costs and provide students with exposure to real world projects is also commendable.

This project is a fine example of the outstanding collaboration and innovation achievable even when financial resources are restricted.

For more information visit Hillgrove Resources website

Commendation: Beach Energy for 'Otway Basin (SA) Project'

Through its local community approach, Beach Energy has clearly demonstrated a commitment to genuine consultation regarding its operations in the South East. Beach Energy has a Regional Manager based in Penola, who is committed to ongoing engagement with landholders, stakeholders and community members. A dedicated and engaged local company presence has delivered positive outcomes for the company and community. The local office provides the community with the opportunity to drop in and ask the Regional Manager questions about the program, while community sessions also provide face-to-face access to Beach Energy’s drilling engineers, environmental experts and other project leads. Beach Energy’s commitment to collaborating with local clubs and organisations and supporting community development is also commended.

This local community engagement approach is a worthy example for other resources companies to emulate.

For more information visit Beach Energy website

Excellence in Innovation: Environmental Management

Winner: Iluka Resources for 'Jacinth-Ambrosia Mine rehabilitation research programs to achieve restoration success'

Iluka’s Jacinth-Ambrosia mine operates in the Yellabinna Regional Reserve of the Eucla Basin. To address the challenges and knowledge gaps of restoring a self-sustaining ecosystem, Iluka has implemented a Research Program that has meaningful impacts and outcomes shared across the broader mining industry including pastoral lands or salinity-affected land requiring restoration. Iluka’s commitment to commissioning independent research is outstanding. Iluka has demonstrated an exemplary approach to partnerships and knowledge sharing between research and teaching institutions, the local community and the Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation, and across Iluka’s sites nationally.

The resilient and enduring nature of Iluka’s program demonstrates a strong ongoing commitment to developing innovative environmental outcomes for local South Australian conditions.

For more information visit Iluka website

Winner: Hanson for 'Rowland Flat Sand Quarry Progressive Rehabilitation'

The Hanson team at Rowland Flat Quarry, located in the Barossa Valley wine region of South Australia, are implementing a highly effective progressive rehabilitation plan. By progressively rehabilitating the Rowland Flat Quarry, through structured pit planning and optimising the use of all materials on site, Hanson has demonstrated a number of positive environmental outcomes. These include minimal visual impact, regeneration of local native vegetation using existing seed, returning the land to a state where it ties into to the surrounding environment immediately, and reduced dust generation. Hanson has also demonstrated how this project has generated other significant business benefits including cost and liability reduction and improved risk management.

The relationships that Hanson has built in the local community both complement and support this project. Hanson has a strong commitment to enduring outcomes through the expansion of such programs to other sites, including the Hanson Golden Grove Site in metropolitan Adelaide.

For more information visit Hanson website

Commendation: BHP Olympic Dam for 'Diesel particulate matter reduction project'

Through a collaborative approach based on the best available science, BHP Olympic Dam has already achieved significant reductions in diesel particulate matter exposure delivering big outcomes for employee health and safety. Average levels of exposure for its 800-plus underground workforce is now 63% lower than it was in 2016. Employees have reported the air to be visibly cleaner, and in many areas of the mine are no longer required to wear facemasks. This project is a world first for an underground mine.

A commendation has been awarded for implementation of this world-leading project to address an environmental impact that will have learnings beyond the resources sector to other industrial and urban environments.

For more information visit BHP website

Excellence in Innovation: Production Solution

Winner: Santos for 'Wireless to the Wellhead'

Santos has built one of the world's largest private 4G networks to provide critical communications and control over 1300 oil and gas wellheads across more than 30,000 square kilometres in South Australia's remote Cooper Basin. The Wireless to the Wellhead 4G network replaced telemetry radio infrastructure, using LTE (Long Time Evolution) 4G broadband solution to provide a communications network that transmits and receives wellhead telemetry data to and from Santos’ control applications. The project has delivered numerous productivity and efficiency benefits in the areas of communications and real-time monitoring of operations. Along with these gains, this project has delivered significant safety benefits, including reducing the need for remote travel, and decreasing the associated risks and isolation.

This project exemplifies the global leadership of the South Australian petroleum sector.

For more information visit Santos website

Commendation: Santos for 'Moomba Integrated Risk Register'

Moomba is a Major Hazard Facility requiring the asset to demonstrate that it can operate safely whilst also continuously improving production performance in a sustainable manner. Santos demonstrates safe operations through the innovative development of a single risk platform called the Integrated Risk Register (IRR). The IRR was developed to bring many systems onto one platform, providing a centralised view of an asset’s risk profile and consistency across all operational assets. On a daily basis, plant conditions are assessed and deviations from normal operation are identified and reported into the IRR, allowing for immediate visualisation and prioritisation to address the risk.

A commendation has been awarded in recognition of the leading practice nature of  its program and its potential application across the resources sector.

For more information visit Santos website