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A new technical standard requires that prescribed generating systems connecting to the South Australian distribution network are capable of being export limited and for export limits to be updated remotely.

This contributes to increasing the ability of the distribution network to host distributed energy resources by avoiding scenarios where the energy exported may exceed the capacity of the local network, or where there is insufficient demand for that energy in other parts of South Australia.

The standard which is in effect as of 28 September 2020 requires that the owner or operator of an electricity generating plant that will be installed on the South Australia distribution network ensures that the inverter is remote communications capable.

Details of the communication capabilities required of inverters are provided in the Technical Regulator guideline on remote communications capabilities for inverters (PDF 171.1 KB).

Where components of a designated electricity generating plant are replaced, this also requires that plant meet the dynamic exports requirements. View the details of these declared components (PDF 412.3 KB).

From 1 July 2021 (or a later date as prescribed by the Minister for Energy and Mining), prescribed electricity generating plant must be capable of dynamic export limits, and for those dynamic export limits to be updated remotely.

To facilitate this requirement further, a Dynamic Export Limits Committee will be established in collaboration with industry to consider the technical requirements for this capability. The Department for Energy and Mining will be inviting members and/or will publicise a request for interest prior to October 2020.

Further information

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