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Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for Energy and Mining.

The Marshall Government has committed an initial $4.9 million to support an Electric Vehicle (EV) Action Plan, to accelerate their benefits for South Australian homes and businesses.

The Plan will be launched later this year, and seek to help with economic recovery by:

  • Facilitating private investment in state-wide charging infrastructure
  • Improved grid security and reliability
  • Reducing transport and electricity costs for all consumers
  • Providing environmental and public health benefits from reduced emissions

To develop the plan, the State Government has engaged with key stakeholders and undertaken detailed work to understand how to bring forward the benefits that electric vehicles offer to South Australia.

"What’s clear is that as electric vehicles become more affordable, smart charging can reduce drivers’ fuel bills and reduce the cost of power for all South Australians," said Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

"Our analysis shows that if we put the foot down on electric vehicles and do it smartly, we’ll deliver lower power bills for consumers, less air and noise pollution.

"By charging at low demand and at sunny or windy times, electric vehicles will allow us to drive down wholesale electricity prices, reducing the cost of a unit of power for all South Australians.

"A key action in the plan will be to support electric vehicles being used as mobile batteries which can be filled at low electricity demand times of the day and discharged at peak times.

"Discharge can occur from the car into the home or grid in the evening when electricity is expensive and then recharged overnight when electricity is cheap.

"This will build upon our world-leading home battery roll-out, which is the biggest per capita programme in the world.

"With smart charging infrastructure, time of use tariffs and electric vehicles as "surplus solar sponges", we can reward customers who charge their vehicle when excess energy is available and prices are low.

"Our EV Action Plan will outline how these can come together to deliver bigger electricity and fuel savings for households.

"Electric Vehicles will form a key part of our economic recovery from COVID-19, to deliver lower cost of living and a cleaner environment for all South Australians."

Sunday 13 September 2020