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Connecting South Australian innovators with the resources and energy sector

The South Australian Government is the foundation partner with CORE Innovation Hub providing an advanced innovation hub that will bring together innovators, METS, start-ups, scale ups and researchers to to support innovation and new data and technology skills acquisition within the energy and resource industries.

South Australia's CORE Innovation Hub will:

  • Connect South Australian innovators with the resources and energy sector
  • Provide an opportunity for innovators, emerging and established industries, and organisations to collaborate on growing the state's knowledge economy
  • Provide an online skills marketplace online to connect individuals and organisations with training and development opportunities
  • Provide meeting and work spaces, networking events and professional training programs specific to the resources and energy sector

The CORE Innovation Hub has headquarter at Stone and Chalk's Startup Hub at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide.

It will have satellite hub in the Tonsley Innovation Precinct, home to the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library, and providing opportunities for collaboration with automation, hydrogen and renewables, software and advanced manufacturing industries.

For more information on this initiative: