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Access to information from past exploration efforts provides an important advantage in guiding future programs before undertaking the expensive process of new drilling

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Open-file drill core and rock samples held at the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library are available for inspection.

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Drill core material from existing libraries continues to be consolidated and moved into the new South Australia Drill Core Reference Library at Tonsley. Access to inspect drill core is pending sample material availability.

For further information contact the Core Library Manager (

Tentative inspection bookings can be made through SARIG with a minimum of 7 days notice.

For instructions on how to book an inspection, see SARIG help - online core inspections.

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Service and equipment provision

GSSA geologists inspect coreA modern, well-lit and spacious examination room is available to visitors inspecting core.

General equipment available:

  • Spray bottles for wetting core
  • 10% acid solution for testing of carbonates
  • Electronic scales
  • Binocular microscopes
  • Wi-Fi

Services available by arrangement:

  • Diamond saws for slicing core or slabbing rock and mineral specimens
  • Ovens for drying of samples
  • 3D visualisation room
  • Boardroom and conference facilities

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Sampling procedures

You must adhere to strict procedures when sampling core or cuttings, which will be explained by Core Library staff prior to your inspection.

Non-destructive methods of sample analysis are encouraged. Destructive sampling is only permitted under certain circumstances.

Analytical results and residual sample material, such as pulps, thin/polished sections, grain mounts, and unused sample material, are to be submitted to the South Australia Drill Core Reference Library within 6 months of sampling.

If you intend to use your own radiation-producing analytical equipment, e.g. hand held XRF, you need to be appropriately licensed (evidence required) and adhere to South Australian legislative requirements for the operation of ionising radiation apparatus.

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For more information, contact:

David Groom
Core Library Manager
+ 61 8 8379 9574