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Pre-competitive geoscience to open up a new minerals province

The Coompana Province in the far west of South Australia is entirely covered by a vast treeless veneer of Nullarbor Limestone, meaning the crystalline bedrock in this region is largely a geological enigma. With limited existing basement piercing drill holes and coarse geophysical data coverage, there are large uncertainties around the thickness of the basin cover, the geological history and prospecitvity of the region.

The Geological Survey of South Australia (GSSA), together with collaborative partners Geoscience Australia and the CSIRO, have undertaken a broad pre-competitive data acquisition program to shine a light the geology under the Nullarbor to generate new geological models and reduce exploration risk. This includes collecting new regional geophysical datasets, cover thickness modelling and characterisation, surface geochemical survey and a stratigraphic drilling program to retrieve new core samples from beneath the Nullarbor Plain.

About the program

Latest updates

  • Report Book 2017/00022 cover

    Drillhole CDP001 - CDP008 preliminary field-data reports

    The first release of the preliminary data collected on-site during the drilling of the Coompana Drilling Project

    Find out more

  • Coompana Drillcore

    Unearthing South Australia's Nullarbor Plain

    Geologists have just taken a long overdue glimpse of the basement rocks from under the Nullarbor Plain, in the far west of South Australia.

    Read the news release

  • Coompana Gravity Survey

    New data release: PACE Copper Coompana Gravity Survey

    The PACE Copper Coompana Gravity Survey comprises over 13,000 new gravity observations in the state’s far west.

    Read the news release

  • Nullarbor Plain sign

    Magnetic mystery on the Nullarbor

    The Nullarbor in South Australia is a strange, geological marvel. In the 1970s, survey planes detected mysterious magnetic signals emanating from beneath the barren plains.

    Read the CSIROscope blog post

  • Coompana Project area

    Coompana drilling program to unearth the regions mineral potential

    Drilling companies are being invited to take part in a $3 million program to unearth the mineral resources potential of the state’s farwest as part of South Australia’s Copper Strategy.

    Read the news release

  • Figure 3

    Breaking down the Coompana Drilling Project

    Addressing the data and knowledge gaps in this region.

    Read the MESA Journal article

Program partners

Government of South Australia
Geoscience Australia