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World-first technologies to deliver real-time data

DET CRC posters

Mineral Systems Drilling Program, South Australia – testing and delivering tomorrows mineral discovery technologies

a two part poster series presented at the DET CRC Annual Conference 2017 details the results and outcomes of DET CRC technologies trialled during the MSDP.

Part 1 |  Part 2

DET CRC logoThe Mineral Systems Drilling Program is testing world-first prototype technologies developed by the DET CRC that aim to deliver real-time data and improve productivity to help geologists assess the mineral potential of drill materials as soon as these are brought to the surface.

Being able to quickly assess the mineral potential of drilled material as it comes out of the ground is a major advantage and will improve the effectiveness of mineral exploration leading to a greater success rate.

DSD’s support of the technology deployment within the MSDP has exposed these prototype technologies to a range of conditions within an exploration-type environment, providing practical improvements to their design and application, and speeding up their delivery into the mineral service sector.


  • Analysis of cuttings from the kerf of the diamond drill bit
  • System designed for use at back-end of Imdex’s Solids Removal Unit (SRU)
  • Sample delivery system comprised of drying and presentation for combined XRF (geochemistry) and XRD (mineralogy).

Downhole sensing

  • AutoSonde collects data as rods are pulled (total count gamma, magnetic susceptibility)
  • AutoShuttle sits behind the core barrel and collects spectral gamma data while drilling, returning data with core recovery.

Wireless Sub

  • The Wireless Sub is attached to the top of the drill string and accurately measures a number of drilling parameters including thrust, torque, fluid pressure, and RPM.
  • Software combines the Wireless Sub measurements with others in real-time to facilitate advanced monitoring and parameter reporting, such as continual tracking of hole depth.
  • The software is also able to provide recommendations to the driller for operating parameter selection to help maximise productivity.
  • All data is archived for post analysis to aid future drilling operations.

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