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Defining the distribution and thickness of sedimentary basins

Curnamona Sedimentary Basin 3D Model location mapThe Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic Curnamona Province is overlain by sedimentary basins containing Neoproterozoic, Cambrian, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sediments. These cover sediments can introduce considerable complexities and costs to mineral exploration within bedrock.

This 3D model of cover overlying the Curnamona Province was created as a convenient way of visualising the distribution and thickness of these basin sediments.

The model enables depth estimations from the surface to key surfaces, including top of Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic, base of Cambrian, base of Mesozoic and base of Cenozoic. Depth estimations are derived from a combination of drillhole data, seismic interpretation and aeromagnetic modelling.

Curnamona Sedimentary Basin 3D Model pdf 

Curnamona Sedimentary Basins 3D Model

Note: these models are presented as a 'proof of concept' only and their accuracy (spatial or otherwise) should not be relied upon for exploration or other decision making processes.

Publication Date: December 2009

For more information, contact:

George Gouthas
Project Geoscientist
+61 8 8463 3073