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Supporting drilling in frontiers areas of South Australia and areas with known mineral potential.

The Department of State Development sought proposals from industry to undertake cooperative exploration drilling projects jointly funded by industry and PACE Frontiers. 

Successful applications 2015

DPY8-01Nuckulla HillDoray Minerals LtdGawler CratonGold
DPY8-02VulcanTasman Resources LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-03Wheal BartonTerramin Exploration Pty LtdAdelaide Fold BeltCopper, Gold
DPY8-04WoodmurraBHT Minerals Pty LtdGawler CratonSilver, Lead, Zinc
DPY8-05Punt HillMonax Mining LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-06Blue SkyWhite Tiger Resources LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-07Intercept HillWhite Tiger Resources LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-08TomahawkPeninsula Resources LtdYorke PeninsulaIOCG
DPY8-09Margaret DamMonax Alliance Pty LtdGawler CratonDiamonds
DPY8-10Martins WellAlloy Resources LtdAdelaide Fold BeltCopper, Gold, Silver
DPY8-11LambinaSandrib Pty LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-12CorunnaMusgrave Minerals LtdGawler CratonSilver, Lead, Zinc
DPY8-13MimiliMusgrave Minerals LtdMusgrave RangesNickel; Copper, Silver, Base metals
DPY8-14MingaryMinotaur Exploration LtdCurnamona ProvinceSilver, Lead, Zinc
DPY8-15Mt CarolinePepinNini Minerals LimitedMusgrave RangesNickel, Copper
DPY8-19BlackbushUraniumSA LtdEyre PeninsulaUranium
DPY8-20ChallengerTrafford Resources LimitedGawler CratonGold
DPY8-21YerelinaCore Exploration LtdAdelaide Fold BeltSilver, Lead, Zinc
DPY8-23Western GawlerWestern Areas LtdGawler CratonNickel
DPY8-24Kookaburra GullyLincoln Minerals LtdGawler CratonGraphite
DPY8-25Zealous ProjectTrafford Resources LimitedGawler CratonTin
DPY8-26CootanoorinaWesternX Pty LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-28Extension TankRenascor Resources LtdGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-30Nundroo-BookabieIluka Resources LimitedEucla BasinHeavy mineral sands
DPY8-31Paris-NankivelInvestigator Resources LimitedGawler CratonCopper, Gold, Silver
DPY8-33Oolgelima HillGolden Cross Operations PLGawler CratonIOCG
DPY8-34CyclopsMinQuest LtdGawler CratonIOCG 

This program continues the critical partnerships between the South Australian Government and the exploration industry in supporting drilling in frontier areas of the state as well as areas with known economic mineral potential.  

PACE discovery drilling 2015 preferentially funds high quality, technically and economically sound projects that promote greenfield type exploration targets.

Grant funding for successful proposals is capped at $AUD 100,000 exclusive of GST and does not exceed 50% of the total direct drilling costs borne by the successful applicant. 

Projects are due for completion by 1 May 2016.

For more information, contact:

Miles Davies
General Manager - PACE
Department of State Development
Level 4, 101 Grenfell Street
South Australia 5000

Phone: +61 8 8463 3159
Chris Wilcox
Exploration Assessments
Department of State Development
Level 4, 101 Grenfell Street
South Australia 5000

Phone: +61 8 8463 3673