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The world’s largest high-resolution airborne geophysical and terrain imaging program, the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey is setting the foundation for the next generation of scientific data, informing resource exploration in South Australia.

The survey is being undertaken by the Government of South Australia in partnership with Geoscience Australia (GA). The survey data acquisition has been completed and is now in its final stages of data processing and preparation for final release.

New Data available

All survey data has now been released. The set of products released include magnetic data and images, radiometric data and images, elevation data and images.

In a new collaborative project between the Government of South Australia and CSIRO, data packages containing additional value-added magnetic data products and models of depth to prospective rocks are also being progressively made available for download. These products are derived from the new magnetic data, coupled with existing open-file gravity data. Together the new products highlight suitable combinations and contrasts of gravity and magnetic fields providing more diagnostic information about the subsurface than the sum of the two fields processed and imaged independently. Six packages of the value-added analytic products have been released to date, additional sets will be released over the coming months.

All of the data and products can be downloaded by clicking on the map below.



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About the Survey

The survey has captured approximately 1,660,000 line kilometres of new magnetic, radiometric and digital elevation data over an area of about 295,000 km2. This new data surpasses the previous patchwork of historical surveys and provides the basis for a single, internally consistent dataset that will be fundamental in reinterpreting the geological structure of the Gawler Craton.

The geophysical data was captured by four geophysical contractors, using fixed-wing aircraft flying approximately 60 m above the ground along flight lines spaced 200 m apart

Find out more about geophysical data; what it is; why we need it; and how it is used.

Survey data availability map

Geoscience Australia contracted four airborne surveying companies to collect data over survey regions within the Gawler Craton. The map below shows the current progress of the survey and data availability. Survey acquisition was completed in June 2019.


What you need to do

The map on this page provides information about the survey regions, data availability, survey contractors and duration of the survey acquisition phase. Clicking on a survey region displays survey information and a link that opens a new window with data downloads.



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For more information, contact:

Survey enquiry contacts

Contractor directory

Laszlo Katona
Project Leader – Gawler Craton Airborne Survey
+61 8 8429 2530