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Contact us

If you have a question or enquiry about the Gawler Craton Airborne Survey, call Geoscience Australia

1800 091 964

For technical enquires phone: 02 6249 9768

Survey contractors

Region 5 and 6

GPX Surveys

GPX Surveys
Managing Director: Katherine McKenna
Phone: 08 9477 5111
Aircraft and Callsigns: Cessna 210, VH-IBY; Cessna 210, VH-STB

Region 2A, 2B, 7, 8B, 9A, 9B and 10

MAGSPEC Airborne Surveys Pty Ltd
Sales Manager: Michael Lees
Operations Manager: Peter Spencer
Phone: 08 6260 2041
Aircraft and Callsigns: Cessna 210, VH-MDG; Cessna 206, VH-HIS; Cessna 210, VH-HHJ

Region 3A and 3B

Sander Geophysics
Field Operations Manager: Kevin Charles
Phone: 04 9969 1063
Email Field Operations:
Aircraft and Callsigns: Cessna 208B, C-GSGA; Cessna 208B, C-GSGJ

Region 1A, 1B, 4A, 4B and 8A

Thomson Aviation Airborne Geophysical Survey
Director: Paul Rogerson
Phone: 02 6960 3800
Mobile: 0427 681 484
Email 1:
Email 2:
Aircraft and Callsigns: Cessna 210, VH-THS; Cessna 210, VH-JEI