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Mineral exploration and mining investment opportunities in South Australia

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The South Australian delegation

PDAC 2017 South Australia

  • Mr Rohan Cobcroft, A/Director, Geological Survey of South Australia
  • Mr Michael Smith, Senior Case Manager, Mining Projects

Meet with us at Exhibition booth #416 with Australia Minerals in the Australian Pavilion to discuss opportunities for long-term investments in the mineral exploration and mining sector in South Australia including:

South Australia PDAC events

Monday 4 March
Australia: Realize the opportunity, Australia Minerals 
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Room 203B

Mr Rohan Cobcroft, A/Director, Geological Survey of South Australia
Presentation: South Australia – New Discoveries, New Opportunities

Everyone welcome, registration not required

Tuesday 5 March
11.00 am 
Mr Rohan Cobcroft, A/Director, Geological Survey of South Australia / Mr Michael Smith, Senior Case Manager, Mining Projects (speaker tbc)
Presentation: South Australia – New Discoveries, New Opportunities 
Wednesday 6 March
Geoscience Data Forum - Data 2.0: Fuel for the next generation of exploration 
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
South Building, Room 713 
Mr Rohan Cobcroft, A/Director, Geological Survey of South Australia
Presentation: 4.15 pm - 4.45 pm. The importance of precompetitive geoscientific data in South Australia

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Investment opportunities

The climate of certainty in South Australia provides investors with the confidence they need to plan long-term investments in the mining sector.

The South Australian Government supports investment through several programs and information releases, including:

  • Gawler Craton Airborne Survey (GCAS): the world’s largest high-resolution airborne geophysical and terrain imaging program underscoring the provinces's potential prospectivity for greenfields mineral exploration
  • AusLAMP (Australian Lithospheric Architecture Magnetotelluric Project): recently released South Australian datasets
  • South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG): award winning digital platform providing global access to the state's key geoscientific information, geospatial data, mining, mineral and petroleum industry indicators, tenement and exploration data
  • Copper to the World Conference: now in its third year, the conference provides information on latest trends in the international copper industry, from exploration to processing
  • Discover gold: a program to improve exploration discovery rates for gold in South Australia, creating opportunities for explorers, investors and communities
  • South Australia Mineral Industry Project Pipeline: representing the depth and breadth of mining projects progressing through the South Australia Minerals Value Chain
  • South Australia Minerals Value Chain: the major stages throughout the value chain with opportunities for investment
  • South Australia's Mineral and Petroleum Indicators: data on exploration, capital exploration, production, future state growth, commodity exports and employment
  • South Australia Drill Core Reference Library: geological samples from over 130 years of mineral and energy resource exploration for analysis by industry, research and government geologists
  • MESA Journal: an online publication promoting new South Australian geoscientific research and covering topical news of interest to the resources sector
  • Geological Survey of South Australia (Video): 2018 highlights of the work of the GSSA

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Information for download

South Australia Mineral ProjectsSouth Australia Major MinesSouth Australia Major Exploration Models

Mineral Exploration in South Australia 2017

South Austrlaian Mineral Industry Project PipelineSouth Australia Minerals Value Chain

Commodity information

Information on South Australia's major commodities can be found on the SARIG Commodity Indicators dashboard

Useful links and downloads


South Australia produces a third of Australia's mined copper.


South Australia hosts over a quarter of Australia's gold resources.


South Australia hosts a quarter of the world's uranium resources.

Iron ore (hematite and magnetite)

South Australia is the birth place of iron ore mining in Australia.


South Australia hosts Australia's largest graphite resource.

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South Australia has sufficient oil and gas reserves to continue to play a major role in providing reliable and affordable energy to Australia.

Continued exploration success in the Cooper and Eromanga Basins makes South Australia the premium destination address for onshore oil and gas explorers, with further discoveries on the western flank oil and gas play trends. New plays in the Early Palaeozoic marine Warburton Basin are also attracting exploration interest. A new phase of exploration and development will commence this year in the South Australian Otway Basin with followup drilling to Beach Energy’s gas discovery at Haselgrove 3 ST1 in 2018, planning for a new gas processing plant underway and two exploration wells to be drilled.

The Petroleum website provides information on sustainable petroleum exploration and production for all stakeholders.

South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

Delivering statewide geoscientific and geospatial data, the recently updated SARIG interface provides a modern, user-friendly platform for public access to South Australia's key geoscience data, mining and exploration project information and streamlined business interactions.

MESA Journal

Online MESA JournalThe MESA Journal is an online publication produced by the Government of South Australia Mineral Resources and Energy Resources Divisions.

It includes peer reviewed feature articles that provide new information and insights into South Australian geology as well as articles covering a broad range of geoscientific topics, topical news of interest to the resource sector, industry news and tenement activity updates.

Subscribe to receive email alerts when new editions are available.

Previously published feature articles are provided as a compilation PDF on a regular basis.

Download recent feature article compilations:

  • MESA Journal Volume 88 (PDF 34.9 MB) – includes articles on the metamorphism and magmatism of the Gawler Craton; the Source to Spectrum (S2S) project; spectral analysis of drill core from the Kanmantoo copper deposit; and building the Coompana Province
  • MESA Journal Volume 87 (PDF 39.6 MB) –  articles on the Coompana Province; Cu–Au skarn systems in the Punt Hill region, Olympic Cu–Au Province; the Roopena Basin; and Amata Dolerite, Musgrave Province

Download MESA Journal back issues