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Earth and Environment Science Summer School

The Department for Energy and Mining have proudly supported earth and environmental science learning and educational experiences through its summer school and continue to do so through the South Australian Museum partnership, Summer school participants delve into a range of geoscience streams with expert scientists on topics such as paleontology, mineralogy, geology and environmental management. Students visit different facilities including the world-renowned South Australia Drill Core Reference Library and the South Australian Museum, and also spend time in the field. The summer school is for high school students’ currently in years 8 to 12 with an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and is offered free to successful applicants.

In line with Government advice, the South Australian Museum is acting to mitigate any risk posed to the community by COVID-19. Because of this the Museum has cancelled all education activities and are not able to take any education-related bookings at this time.

To stay in touch and receive updates, please email the museum at if you have any non-booking related education enquiries.

The Museum looks forward to welcoming schools back as soon as Government advice permits.

Earth and Environmental Science: activities, experiments and research

Download the Earth and Environmental Science Summer School Handbook (PDF 124 MB)Earth and Environmental Science Summer School Course Handbook, 2018 (PDF 124 MB)

Mineral identification and uses laboratory book

Mineral Identification book

This kit is designed to help students in years four to ten to learn more about their planet and being able to identify minerals and there uses.

The second edition of the Mineral identification and Uses Lab book includes:

  • information on how to identify mineral samples and mineral identification chart
  • information on mineral uses and products
  • a South Australian Mineral Resources Map
  • mineral identification sheet that can be copied for student use within the classroom.

Ordering information

Copies can be purchased for $55.00 (including GST) plus cost for postage and handling.

Free download

Mineral Identification and Uses Lab Book (PDF 12.4 MB)

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Geological time scale

Geological timescale203866_timescale_thumb

The Geological Timescale presents a time line spanning the entire history of the earth to which geological and evolutionary events can be tied.

The quantity of time elapsed since the formation of the earth is near-unimaginable.

The earth is believed to be 4.56 billion years old. Relationships between rock units, terranes and continents as well as the evolution of life have unifying reference – the Geological Timescale.

The Geological Timescale starts at 3.8 billion years ago and continues to the present.

Download the Geological Timescale

The Geological timescale (PDF 7.1 MB) is available for download. It can be printed, cut-out and kept as a personal reference for school, home or office.

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Other publications

Other publications, booklets, information sheets, maps, geological trails (including the Coorong, Flinders Ranges National Park, Hallet Cove, Kangaroo Island, McLaren Vale, Maslin Bay and Port Willunga, and Victor Harbor) and geological field guides are available on a range of topics from the Publications page of this website and the Resource Information Centre.

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