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Access South Australia - maximising benefits for all land users

Consistent with the South Australian government's regulatory framework the Mineral Resources Division has in placePicture3 policies and programs which support multiple land use and access to land for multi-stakeholders.

The key objectives that drive forward our land access policies and programs include:

  • Continuous improvement of our regulatory frameworks
  • Consistent government policy
  • Information and education for industry and community
  • Continuously working with other government land use regulators to develop multiple land use solutions
  • Reducing red and green tape, duplication and regulatory burden

In South Australia a critical factor in supporting a sustainable exploration and mining environment is maximising access to land to enable continued exploration that will lead to new discoveries.

Accessible land for future exploration also allows for the realisation of new scientific understanding and new technologies that can be applied under differing social, economic or environmental climates.

New economic discoveries usually only occur after many years of significant investment into exploratory field surveys and targeted drilling programs.

This is why for the exploration and mining sectors a predictable regulatory environment is critical to ensure consistency in procedures for access to land and security of tenure in order to commit to higher risks for investment.

For more information, contact:

Resource Policy and Engagement Branch

Phone: +61 8 8463 3000