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The Stronger Partners Stronger Futures (SPSF) program was established in 2016 to review interactions between explorers and native title groups for land access, with a focus on improving the operation of Part 9B—Native title land of the Mining Act 1971. Submissions were invited in 2019 on discussion papers proposing options for reforms in the key areas of interest.

Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report

The Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report sets out the measures the Department for Energy and Mining (DEM) is putting in place in response to stakeholders' concerns about land access with a particular focus on solutions to improve early engagement for low impact exploration.

These measures are in part supported by improvements to the Mining Act 1971 through the Statutes Amendment (Mineral Resources) Act 2019 and regulations being developed by the Department.

The Mining Act amendments include increased timeframes in Part 9B to align with those in the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993 - the only substantive change made to Part 9B.

Download the Stronger Partners Stronger Futures Final Report (PDF 4.3 MB)

Consultation on the draft mining regulations

New draft mining regulations are being developed by the department to set out in more detail how the amendments will operate and how they will be applied. The regulations will outline how the provisions of the Mining Act are applied. By law, the regulations cannot bring up new issues and topics outside the scope of the Act, and need to be written in a way that explains how the Act will operate and how the department will regulate mining in our state.

Policy and administrative amendments related to the SPSF program, in particular amendments to support improved access to land and operating approvals, are included in the draft mining regulations.

The department is currently seeking input on the draft mining regulations and we encourage you to make a submission by the closing date of 11 September 2020.

More information about the draft regulations and how to make a submission is available on the Update on mining regulations 2020 page of this website.

The department will not be seeking comment on other matters raised during SPSF until consultation on the draft Mining Regulations has concluded. Feedback to stakeholders will be provided in November 2020 with the implementation of the new Mining Act and Mining Regulations commencing in January 2021.

Stronger Partners Stronger Futures relevant documents

If you have any questions

Contact us if you have any questions. Online meetings can be held on request.

Andrew Moll – Principal Policy Advisor (Native Title and Engagement)
Phone: 8429 2504, mobile 0477 754 605

Heidi Crow – Principal Policy Advisor (Aboriginal Heritage and Engagement)
Phone: 8429 2561

Summary of key changes to the Mining Act relevant to SPSF consultation

Mining Register (Part 2A)
Exploration licences (Part 5)
Public consultation provisions (Part 8B)
Notice of entry (Part 9)
Native title land (Part 9B)
Operating approvals - programs for environment protection and rehabilitation (Part 10A)