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Dr Paul Heithersay, Chief Executive, Department for Energy and Mining

Further update to the Cross Border Travel Direction

An updated Cross Border Travel Direction (Number 7) under the Emergency Management Act 2004 has come into effect today.

The key changes contained within the two updates this week relevant to the resources sector are as follows:

  1. Inclusion of a new class of exemption for persons who travel for work purposes to locations that are remote or geographically isolated where: (a) their employer is applying risk mitigation strategies during periods of work, and (b) the person is a specialist required for industry or business continuity and maintenance of competitive operations, or maintenance or repair of critical infrastructure in the mining, oil, gas and energy sectors. This update supports METS companies to provide services to interstate and South Australian mine sites on an ad-hoc rather than regular scheduled FIFO basis.
  2. Establishment of a ‘low community transmission zone’ comprised of the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia and now Queensland. The critical detail is that a person arriving in South Australia must have arrived direct from the low community transmission zone; and must not have been, at any time during the period of 14 days immediately before their arrival in South Australia, in a place other than South Australia or the low community transmission zone. It is worth noting that until such time as direct flights to Adelaide from Hobart or Launceston resume, travellers from Tasmania will need to meet one of the exemption criteria (for example Remote or Isolated FIFO workers), to be exempt from self-quarantining if they transit through Melbourne or other Australian jurisdictions before arriving in South Australia.
  3. Clarification that any South Australian FIFO worker who is heading to NSW, VIC or the ACT to a worksite that is not remote or isolated will not be eligible for exemption on their return. This means any worker returning from a project in, for example Melbourne, will be directed to undertake 14 days isolation.
  4. Workers from NSW, VIC or the ACT with essential skills coming to work in South Australia and who are not employed in a remote or isolated area must now isolate when not at work. For example, this would include anyone coming to work on projects or in head offices in the metropolitan area, irrespective of whether or not they are on a regular roster.
  5. The updated Direction modifies earlier references to FIFO and FIFO/DIDO to rectify a current gap in the rules for the energy and mining sector that has otherwise been pragmatically managed by SA Police.

Stay well

Paul Heithersay
Chief Executive
Department for Energy and Mining

Friday 20 June 2020

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