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 Download the DSD Mineral Resources Division Business Plan 2016-17The Mineral Resources Division Business Plan 2016–2017 sets a visionary direction and outlines a strategic program of work within the resourcing constraints of DSD, that will further unlock the potential of South Australia’s resource wealth.

For more than 175 years, our mineral resources industry has made a significant contribution to the economic and social development of South Australia, with the mining and quarrying sectors having been:

  • a major generator of jobs in our regions
  • an important employer for Aboriginal communities
  • a driver of an equipment, processing, and supply services sector that leverage activity into new opportunities in global supply chain markets.

The Government of South Australia, through the Department of State Development (DSD), actively encourages the sustainable development of our mineral resources under South Australia's Economic Priority: Unlocking the full potential of South Australia's resources, energy and renewable assets.

The Mineral Resources Division of DSD has the lead responsibility in Government for administering the state’s mining legislation and managing South Australia’s mineral assets including streamlined regulation of exploration, mining and quarrying activities which will attract investment that delivers balanced economic, social and environmental outcomes of sustainable benefit to the people of our state.

The Division is committed to principles of national standard setting, performance and risk-based and transparent regulatory practices, recognising that the exploration, mining and quarrying sectors require predictable procedures for access to land, security of exploration and/or mining tenure and predictable regulatory processes, in order to commit to higher risks for investment in exploration, new mine and quarry development and life-of-mine operations.

The Division also has the lead responsibility across Government for state-wide and regional programs of geoscience mapping and collection of mineral resources information and knowledge, which supports balanced land use decision making and sustains private investment in exploration activity, leading to new discoveries and new mining developments.

The Division’s Geological Survey of South Australia mapping and investigation programs, Resource Information online SARIG information delivery and PACE Copper exploration programs together with the new world-class South Australia Drill Core Reference Library at Tonsley will play a vital role in the next two years in bringing forward new discoveries and developments.