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Open the SARIG applicationThe South Australian Resources Information Geoserver (SARIG) continues to provide the latest in South Australian geoscientific and geophysical data.

New time slicing widget
This widget allows the SARIG user to move through the time period with ease - the map display changes the spatial data layer depending on what time period is selected. All functionality of SARIG is retained while the widget is in operation.

Electromagnetic survey (interpreted)

Go to Geophysical Data/Electromagnetic Survey (interpreted)

The user has the option to view three alternate vector layers:

  • Real induction arrows
  • Imaginary induction arrows
  • Phase tensor ellipses


  • Magnetotelluric (MT) is a passive electromagnetic (EM) sounding technique
  • Measure variation in Earth's natural electrical (E) and magnetic (B) fields in time series
  • Ratio of E/B use to derive resistivity distribution of Earth's crust and upper mantle
  • Frequency range 10 kHz to 0.0001Hz (0.0001 s to 10000 s)
  • Investigation depths of tens of metres to hundreds of kilometres

Electromagnetic survey (interpreted) in SARIG

Cooper Basin 3D time slicing

Go to Seismic Lines/Cooper Basin 3D time slicing


The purpose of this project was to create a series of composite 3D time slice images covering the South Australian portion of the Cooper Basin.

Twenty separate time slice images have been created covering TWT (Two Way Time) range from 1000 milliseconds to 2900 milliseconds with 100 milliseconds interval between subsequent images.

Composite time slices provide geoscientists with a basin wide overview of the structural setting and give a basis for a better understanding of the sedimentary deposition environment.

The project developed a practical and efficient method of generating composite time slices from a large volume of 3D data covering a large part of the Cooper Basin. All available open file seismic data from the South Australian portion of the basin was utilised in the project.

Viewing Cooper Basin 3D time slicing in SARIG

Updated Coompana magnetic and radiometric survey

The largest airborne magnetic and radiometric survey ever conducted in South Australia was completed in late 2015. The survey covers the Coompana Province and parts of the Officer, Eucla and Bight basins, representing under-explored frontier areas in the state's far west.

The survey collected over 250,000 line kilometers of pre-competitive geophysical data at 400m line spacing, with 200m infill over the Coompana Anomaly, at 60m flight height.

The Coompana magnetic and radiometric datasets (survey code 2015SA001_AEMagRad) have been updated are available for download from SARIG using the Geophysical Data Downloads (Identify) tool.

Coompana magneticand radiometric survey

South Australian Geophysical Reference Model (SAGRM)

gOcad version 1 (3D digital dataset)

Model is available via SARIG/Publications and Reports – or accessed via the 3D Geology Models areas hyperlink (SARIG map layer). Note: download package is 14.5GB

More about the SAGRM

South Australian Geophysical Reference Model