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Download the 250K Geological Digital Edition maps and drilling and sample data packages

The Digital Geological Map Editions are intended as an interim product prior to the publication of 1:250 000 geological maps. Detailed published maps can be ordered through the Online Shop or by contacting Customer Services.

Compiled drilling and sampling datasets for each map sheet area can be downloaded in a zipped data package containing drillhole details, stratigraphy, drillhole geochemistry, surface sampling and calcrete sampling as comma-separated values (csv) files. Further drilling data can be accessed through SARIG advanced searching tools located on the Main Menu: Databases, Drillhole and Sample Data Package

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250K map sheetDownload mapData package250K map sheetDownload mapData package
ABMINGA: (SG5310) Mapdownload LINDSAY: (SG5216) Mapdownload
ADELAIDE: (SI5409) Mapdownload MAITLAND: (SI5312) Mapdownload
ALBERGA: (SG5309) Mapdownload MANN: (SG5211) Mapdownload
ANDAMOOKA: (SH5312) Mapdownload MARREE: (SH5405) Mapdownload
BARKER: (SI5413) Mapdownload MAURICE: (SH5208) Mapdownload
BARTON: (SH5309)  Mapdownload MURLOOCOPPIE: (SH5302) Mapdownload
BILLA KALINA: (SH5307) Mapdownload NARACOORTE: (SJ5402) Mapdownload
BIRKSGATE: (SG5215)  Mapdownload NOOLYEANA: (SG5316) Mapdownload
BURRA: (SI5405)  Mapdownload NOORINA: (SH5203) Mapdownload
CALLABONNA: (SH5406)  Mapdownload NULLARBOR: (SH5216) Mapdownload
CHILDARA: (SH5314)  Mapdownload NUYTS: (SI5301) Mapdownload
CHOWILLA: (SI5406) Mapdownload OLARY: (SI5402) Mapdownload
COOBER PEDY: (SH5306)  Mapdownload OODNADATTA: (SG5315) Mapdownload
COOK: (SH5211)  Mapdownload OOLDEA: (SH5212) Mapdownload
COOMPANA: (SH5215)  Mapdownload ORROROO: (SI5401) Mapdownload
COPLEY: (SH5409)  Mapdownload PANDIE PANDIE: (SG5409) Mapdownload
CORDILLO: (SG5410)  Mapdownload PARACHILNA: (SH5413) Mapdownload
CURDIMURKA: (SH5308)  Mapdownload PENOLA(SJ5406) Mapdownload
CURNAMONA: (SH5414)  Mapdownload PINNAROO(SI5414) Mapdownload
DALHOUSIE: (SG5311)  Mapdownload POOLOWANNA(SG5312) Mapdownload
ELLISTON: (SI5306)  Mapdownload PORT AUGUSTA: (SI5304) Mapdownload
EVERARD: (SG5313)  Mapdownload RENMARK: (SI5410) Mapdownload
FOWLER: (SH5313)  Mapdownload STREAKY BAY: (SI5302) Mapdownload
FROME: (SH5410)  Mapdownload STRZELECKI: (SH5402) Mapdownload
GAIRDNER: (SH5315)  Mapdownload TALLARINGA: (SH5305) Mapdownload
GASON: (SG5413)  Mapdownload TARCOOLA: (SH5310) Mapdownload
GILES: (SH5301)  Mapdownload TORRENS: (SH5316) Mapdownload
INNAMINCKA: (SG5414)  Mapdownload WARRINA: (SH5303) Mapdownload
KERSAINT: (SJ5304)  Mapdownload WELLS: (SH5204) Mapdownload
KIMBA: (SI5307)  Mapdownload WHYALLA: (SI5308) Mapdownload
KINGOONYA: (SH5311)  Mapdownload WINTINNA: (SG5314) Mapdownload
KINGSCOTE: (SI5316)  Mapdownload WOODROFFE: (SG5212) Mapdownload
KOPPERAMANNA: (SH5401)  Mapdownload WYOLA: (SH5207) Mapdownload
LAKE EYRE: (SH5304) Mapdownload YARDEA: (SI5303) Mapdownload



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