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Mapping and characterzing mineral alteration zones

Emmie Bluff 3D model location mapThe Emmie Bluff deposits is located within the eastern Gawler Craton, which hosts the giant Olympic Dam iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) deposit as well as several other world class IOCG deposits. While there are many different styles of IOCG minerals systems in the eastern Gawler Craton, they can be subdivided into hematite or magnetite dominated systems.

Gravity and magnetic inversions modelled with University of British Columbia-Geophysical Inversion Facility (UBC-GIF) software, are used to map hematite and magentite alteration in three dimensions. Chemical modelling of IOCG mineral systems suggests that high grade mineralisation is likely to occur at the hematite/magnetite transition but within the hematite zone.

Multi-element geochemistry and spectral data acquired using the HyLoggerTM system are used to characterise sericite, chlorite, albite and K-feldspar alteration. Combined with new petrophysical data, these provide a powerful toolf or drillhole targeting. 

Department of State Development is a major participant and researcher within P3.4 of the Deep Exploration Technology Cooperative Research Centre (DET CRC).

Emmie Bluff 3D model

Emmie Bluff Regional 3D Model

Note: these models are presented as a 'proof of concept' only and their accuracy (spatial or otherwise) should not be relied upon for exploration or other decision making processes.

Publication Date: October 2012

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George Gouthas
Project Geoscientist
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