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Renewable energy

There are a number of resource maps that help potential renewable energy investors and project developers to find ideal locations to deploy projects throughout South Australia. This includes maps of ideal wind and solar resources and interactive hydrogen and biomass maps.

Wind and solar

South Australia’s Renewable Energy Atlas shows locations with ideal conditions to deploy wind and solar projects. It also identifies the location of existing renewable energy projects and South Australia's electricity transmission network and power plants.


The Interactive Hydrogen Map assists investors and project developers to identify potentially suitable sites in South Australia to deploy hydrogen production, transport and utilisation.


The Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure helps developers and financiers evaluate spatial renewable energy information to support deployment of bioenergy projects.

Ocean energy

A map of optimal sites to harvest energy from the ocean’s waves, currents and tides is available as a spatial data layer on Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure

South Australian Resources Information Gateway (SARIG)

SARIG platformSARIG is an interactive mapping platform providing global access and delivery of South Australia's key geoscience information, mining and exploration project information and streamlined business interactions.

SARIG offers a map catalogue containing 700 layers of geospatial information to view, search and query. This catalogue is visually sorted into five groups:

  • Projects and Products
  • Geoscientific
  • Tenement Regulation
  • Infrastructure
  • What’s on my land

Acknowledgement and awards

  • The world-class platform has been internationally acknowledged, attaining top 10% rankings in the Fraser Institute’s international annual survey of mining companies for over a decade. The 2017 survey ranked South Australia’s Geological Databases 5th in the world.
  • In 2017 SARIG received the South Australian Premier’s Award for Public Sector Transformation Australian iAwards.
  • In 2013 SARIG was awarded the Australian Government Excellence in eGovernment award in the Geospatial category.

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SARIG investors dashboards

SARIG investors dashboardsInvestors and explorers alike can access the commodity dashboard which seamlessly generates an interactive map highlighting the commodity of interest. The dashboards give investors the ability to drill into industry indicators – be it overall statewide production value and volume, expenditure on exploration, exports, size of reserves and resources – then progress to open file information on major mines and major projects. Community benefits – jobs and royalties