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Premier's Awards in Energy and MiningRecognising companies and organisations that have implemented exemplary customer value programs or projects

South Australian energy consumers, including businesses and households consider energy costs to be a significant factor impacting their activities. The most vulnerable - those on low incomes, the elderly, those with poor health and those with disabilities - are on hardship programs and payment plans, and face the risk of disconnection and energy debt.

Examples of programs or projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Programs to significantly reduce the amount that consumers pay for electricity
  • Actively assisting/engaging economically and socially disadvantaged people beyond expected hardship requirements to better manage their energy use
  • Assisting customers to have greater personal control over their energy consumption by providing individualised solutions (e.g. energy efficiency)
  • Debt management programs
  • Customer reward programs
  • Call centre customer service programs
  • Innovative use of customer energy usage data patterns to drive better value for customers

Entries must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • A company or organisation active in the energy sector
  • Relate to customer value and support activities
  • Operate in South Australia
  • Meet the three weighted assessment criteria

It is important to demonstrate the application has met each of the four indicative weighted criteria. The weighting is indicated below and is also reflected in the maximum number of words permitted.

Criteria Guidance notes
Criteria 1:
Demonstrated customer value

Indicative weighting: 40%

Maximum 400 words

Clearly demonstrate the project/program has achieved positive customer outcomes

  • Describe the results achieved by the project/program
  • Provide supporting data and evidence of the outcome of the project/program, including any specific outputs (e.g. research results, customer statistics, survey results, proven positive outcomes for customers such as reduced debt levels, higher engagement in hardship programs)
Criteria 2:
Commitment to enduring outcomes

Indicative weighting: 20%

Maximum 200 words

Demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the outcomes of the project/program

  • Discuss specific resources (e.g. staff, systems) invested into the project/program
  • Discuss outputs and/or programs that will ensure continued implementation and improvement (e.g. further financial commitments, improvements to workplace culture, training programs, internal policies and guidelines)
Criteria 3:
Economic and social wellbeing of communities

Indicative weighting: 20%

Maximum 200 words

Demonstrate the project/program has positively contributed to the community, within the context that the project/program is operating

  • Local, regional or state based contributions could be included
  • Consider how the community has been involved in the project/program and the benefits realised
Criteria 4:
Demonstrated innovation and leadership

Indicative weighting: 20%

Maximum 200 words

Demonstrate the application of innovative thinking to gain improved customer outcomes

  • Detail how the project/program was innovative
  • Show how project/program outcomes can be used in future projects and/or raise the bar for competitors across the sector
  • Consider how the company or organisation has engaged with the sector and the community to show leadership and disseminate examples of excellent achievements and shared benefits